Dreams Meaning&SymbolWhat does it mean to see God or Jesus in your dream?

When a person encounters a major problem in life or is about to die or become seriously ill, he will dream of Jesus. Dreaming about Jesus also expresses the pursuit of inner peace, or a certain spiritual world, and dedication.

  • Dreaming of Jesus when he was a child, the wise men saluted him: foretelling a long happy time, erudition, wealth, happiness, and contentment.
  • To dream of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane: Your heart will be full of sorrow, and you are extremely eager to change; the person you love will never be seen, and your heart is very lost.
  • Dreaming that Jesus flogged businessmen who only wanted profit in the church: foretelling that evil opponents will be defeated, and honest diligence will be exchanged for success.

God is the Father, and in the eyes of mankind, God is eternal. Dreaming of God is a sign of power.

  • Dreaming of God: Foreshadowing involving high-level power.
  • To dream of God appearing in front of you and talking with you: It is foreseen that the person who dreamed this dream has realized the existence of powerful power.
  • To dream of God talking to you: Foretell that the person dreaming of this dream will encounter confusion in life or work.
  • Dreaming of God's coronation or final judgment: It predicts that in the process of spiritual pursuit, there are still some negative things in your heart that need to be poured out.

Dream interpretation:

You dream of God, which means that you are involved in high-level power. Explain that you have a certain spiritual belief. If a woman dreams of God or Jesus, it helps you understand all aspects of your human nature. A similar dream made by a man can increase your masculinity.


Everyone experiences a kind of intense feelings. They may be related to the desire of human beings to be loved and recognized by their parents since childhood. This feeling is usually expressed by people who are personified in the form of gods. The enthusiasm for defeating the god of war, Mars, symbolizes the great motivation that people rely on for success. Apollo represented the sun. He taught Chiron to heal. Herax learned this skill from Chiron, but the latter refused to accept his treatment after being injured. Adonis symbolizes health, beauty, and narcissism. Zeus, the king of the gods, showed the positive and negative aspects of being a father.

Spiritual symbol:

From a spiritual level, dreaming of a god or a fairy indicates that you are aware of the existence of powerful power. The more this awareness becomes entrenched in your mind, the more truly you will believe that both gods and immortals have omnipotent power.