Dreaming, what does it mean by a cat bit? Do a dream to see the cat bitten interpretations.

What is the meaning of being biting by a cat?

Cat is a wide range of pets in the world. Second to the pet dog. Dreaming of being bored by a cat, indicating that it may be considered by others. Dreaming of being bitten by a cat, but the image of the cat is relatively blurred, representing people or things that are unfavorable to their own unfavorable people.

Dreaming of being biting the cat bleeding by cats, may represent a big problem with your feelings, because the third party's inserts have made a crisis, making you feel your heart.

Dreaming almost biting by cats, but did not bite, secretly lighter will overcome competitors and difficulties through their own efforts, and succeed.

Dreaming of being bullied by dirty cats, suggesting that there is a potential opponent around you to deal with you through an abnormal means or even downflow.

Dreaming of being a clean cat batch, representing a dream of pet cats; in addition, it also symbolizes your potential opponent's strength.

Dreaming of being bitten by a cat, suggesting that dull days is coming. You will be re-active.

Dreaming of being bitten by a cat, indicating that the dream and expectation of dreams will be achieved in the near future.

Dreaming of being biting his own feet, often symbolizing the enemy in your life and work, is secretly digging your wall or destroy your family life.

Dreaming of cats biting by black cats or felt horrible by themselves, representing a stressed pressure in the subconscious mind, or prefers that there will be a situation that is unfavorable.

Men dreams that they are bitten by cats, in addition to symbolizing the feelings of dreams, they will bring trouble to themselves; they also suggest that there may be strong competitors around them.

Woman dreams of being bullied by cats, dreams are in warning, there is competitors in your love life, she is looking for opportunities like cats to compete for your love.

Middle-aged people dream dreams of being bitted by cats, saying to slowly cultivate their strength, waiting for good luck.

Dreams of minors have been bitten by cats, indicating that the throat may be inflamed, the body begins to get fat, and the diet should pay attention.

Dreaming to find a job, see being buddtry, indicating that there are not many opportunities to find a job, there will be a lot of companies to hire you, but consider clear.

Pregnant women dream dreams of being bitted by cats, indicating that you have recently doubt, but it is afraid that husband will do something sorry outside.

The people who prepare the exam will dream of being bitted by the cat, meaning that the oral test results are poor, slightly affecting admission.

The people of this year have dreams that they have been bitten by cats, meaning multi to make up for negligence, cautious to prevent injuries.

People who do business do dreams of being bitterly bitten, representing the delegates, big business, big failure.

The people who plan to go out have dreamed that they were bitten by cats, suggesting as scheduled, smooth and safe.

People in love dreams that they are bitten by cats, indicating that honesty treats marriage.

Pregnant people dream dreams of being bitted by cats, indicating that they are safe, nine, and October.

Dreaming, see the original Ji Dream of the cat bullish

Seeing the owners are ignorant.\" Ji Dream\"

Poster the cat's main disease.\" Ji Dream\"

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