Dreaming of what your dog is mean? Dreaming yourself dog interpretations.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of your dog, what is the meaning of what it means

Ten dog is for a better dog, not abuse. Dreaming of yourself, suggesting that you may be due to your own fault, or to the way of handling things, let your belongings, assistants, and friends to question you.

Dreaming of the dog or wild dog who hits himself, indicating that his business will hinder, stop for a period of time.

Dreaming that he playing his own dog, indicating that he will have doubts about people because of others or their own fault.

Dreaming that the dog is killed, the dog symbolizes loyalty or friends, and killing the dog means you will betray your friends and make things sings sneak around.

Dreaming of holding a stick, means a happy event, smooth, all the things are old.

Dreaming of hearing the dog calling, indicating that when there is an enemy to harass you, there will be a friend to come to help.

The angry roar of the dog in the dream means that you will be trained between the small people, or because the family is not harder.

Students dream of playing dogs, can't help but think about many places that need to learn, and study grades will decline due to recent lazy.

The staff dreams of being playing your dog, because I promised anything else, I can't do something according to my own will, and the plan to work with others will fail.

The patient dreams of playing your dog, recently because of the cause of pain, so it is easy to irritate others, bring some skin injuries.

Pregnant women dream of playing dogs, suggesting that you should pay attention to daily actions in the near future, always pay attention to yourself and your baby's health, and relax. Also be careful to people and things around you.

People in love dream of playing dogs, illustrating expensive to marry. be honest and open.

Pregnant people dream of playing dogs, indicating that life men. Summer, women, prevent trouble products.

People who do business dream of taking their dogs, representing eagerness, big investment or expansion.

The year of this year dreams that he is a dog, meaning that the fortune is better than in previous years, and a property can be purchased.

What do you mean by dreaming of your dog?