Dreaming of what you mean by using his hand, what does it mean? Dreaming yourself to catch the bird interpretation.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of the bird, what is the meaning of the bird

Chinese traditional views believe that dreaming bird is a good, indicating that you are happy. Dreaming that I can catch the bird with my hand, suggesting that you will be easily ladied in the recent.

Dreaming of birds in the cage, expressed restrictions and constraints. Dreaming that I am playing with the birds that fall in the hand, suggest that you will fall into love, like drunk.

Dreaming that he has arrested a lot of birds, indicating that the troubles of troubles will pass, and all aspects can be successful.

Dreaming that I grabbed a bird in my hand, not bad, is a sign of making a fortune.

Dreaming of the sound of the night ordered, the pigeon, etc.

Dreaming of birds with pretty feathers is a good dream. If a woman is doing this dream, it will appear in a rich companion.

Dreaming of uncommon birds, indicating the ruthless and barbaric act of rich people who were abandoned.

Married people dream of catching birds with hand, indicating that there is a chance to travel, and may go out to travel, or travel, or travel, etc. in the near future.

Businessman dreams that he can grabbed the bird with his hand, hint will be profitable.

Pregnant women dream of catching their own birds, indicating that you will encounter a good thing in your life, and the wishes of the future will be achieved, it is not bad.

Pregnant women dream of catching bird injuries, indicating that the near future is not good, there may be major dangers such as abortion, I suggest that you have more attention and cautious attention.

The pregnant woman dreams of the birds fly, indicating that you may have a lot of confusion in real life due to reality, I suggest you can make short-term travel, keep a pleasant mood, in your belly The fetus is very important.

Pregnant women dream of caught a lot of birds, indicating that the recent luck is very good, family life is also happy, the baby will add a lot of fun and joy to the home, life is also happy, it is Daji Deli dreams.

Pregnant people dream of catching birds with their hands, predicting girls, autumn occupation men (seven, September).

The people who go to school dream of caught the birds with their hands, meaning that although the results are not good, they will be nearly the edge.

Traveling people dream of catching birds with hand, suggesting should be cautious, hot day or summer is less than.

People who do business dreams that they can catch birds, representing unstable, often transforming, cautiously defense.

People in love dream of catching their own birds, indicating that the concept is difficult to communicate, and there is a road. Hard to find.

Then, the people of this year dream of catching the birds with hand, meaning that although there is ups and downs, there is still a fortune, it is smooth.

Dreaming of yourself to catch the original li dream

caught the birds, far from.\" Ji Dream\"

See the little bird, if you are guilty.\" Ji Dream\"

Dreaming of flying birds, wants to travel.\"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

What is the meaning of what is the meaning of the bird?