Dreaming of unicorn what mean? Dreaming unicorn interpretations.

Dreaming of the unicorn what it means

Kirin Chinese traditional Xiang beast, a kind of god recorded in Chinese ancient books, with Feng, Turtle, Dragon, called \ Siling \ , a mount of God. Male is called the squadron. Kirin is close, but 獬豸 is a unicorn, unicorn is not, and 獬豸 is a claw, unicorn is a boove

Dreaming Swher Thread, indicating that you will get a good achievement On this famous one.

Dreaming of two unicorn, predicating auspicious happiness in life.

Woman dreams of unicorn, but also predicts that children who will have smart and healthy children, the future is extraordinary.

Dreaming of black unicorn and white dragon ride, means that you want to be a vital person in your heart.

Dreaming of jade unicorn, trying to look at the pressure with a relaxed mood, many things don't think seriously.

Dreaming of Jin Qilin, accidentally encountering the possibility of acquaintances. Where is it, most likely to be in the cosmetic chamber of department stores and other places.

Unmarried people dream of Golden Qilin, the Lord is more practical in love, love is likely to be a career and work. Whether couples are consistent with future views and often determine the recent feelings.

Dreaming of red unicorn, you often tell others about many private things, your trust is a bit of grass, it is necessary to identify the object.

Dreaming of unicorn ran over and stimbling creativity with the perspective of the worldview, these two days will be a lucky day.

Dreaming of riding a unicorn, you will become naughty in these days, imagination is unprecedented, creative.

Businessman dreams a lot of unicorn is chased, representing a big business.

Pregnant woman dreams unicorn, falls unicorn, unicorn, not bad, and kiss you.

Dreaming of the unicorn phoenix fairy bird, representing a happy event.

People in love dream of unicorn, explaining that for a little quarrel, it should be clearly explained.

The people in this life dream of unicorn, meaning that the tongue is right, and the family is abolished, cautiously prevent food poisoning.

People who do business dream of unicorn, representatives can't support, should be able to invest, and lose money.

The people traveling dreams of unicorn, suggesting can be extended, two days.

Pregnant people dream of unicorn, indicating that giving women, and the water is careful.

Dreaming of unicorn's original 's dream

Kirin, famous in the world. \" Ji Dream\"

Dreaming of the unicorn next day, Daji, to endow the quarter. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream ofLin, big rich.\"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

What is the meaning of the unicorn?