Dreaming of turkey means? Dreaming turkey interpretations.

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Turkey also said to spit chicken, legends raised fire chickens to eliminate fires, commonly known as \ turkey \ .

The turkey in the dream symbolizes a good time. Dreaming of turkey, indicating that you will go smoothly in your business, get rich profits. It is critical to get your help.

Dreaming of killing turkeys in a guy is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of doing turkey meat, hinting will sick.

Woman dreams of turkeys, they will get a gift to her home.

Woman dreams of doing turkey and will encounter some difficulties in dealing with household.

The farmers dream of turkeys, which indicate that the crops you sow will be grateful.

Dreaming of edible turkeys, symbolizing you because of the progress of something smooth, you have reason to enjoy happy time.

Dreaming of turkey is too hard, it is difficult to cut, suggesting that the family may have a conflict, hidden in harmony.

Dreaming of turkey dye or death, indicating that you will be in the working environment and may be crowded and blows by peers.

Dreaming that after being slaughtered, it means that you may want to expose all the fakes in the family, and the inner heart is dissatisfied with the homes.

Dreaming of turkeys in flight, indicating that your identity and status will complete huge qualitative leap, which brings a rapid significant shift in various aspects.

Dreaming of eating turkey, there will be diseases, pay attention to your diet, don't hurt your body because of delicious.

Dreaming of others giving you turkey, but your pay has been rewarded by others, and you also have a reputation.

The game of shooting turkey in the dream, indicating that you will be almost madly carry out innocent wealth accumulation.

Dreaming to give someone turkey, suggesting that your generos will let you make friends.

Dreaming of the psychology of turkey

On the spiritual level, the bird represents the soul of the bird. The birds in the dream symbolizes fantasy, thoughts, and ideas, which must be exposed in the case of unrestrained. Sometimes the bird can represent the existing women, the free side of freedom. The gold-winged birds and the fire have the same representative, which symbolizes the spirit of mental thoughts. Birds in high altitude symbolize the part of the spirit of spirit or you pursue knowledge. In the man's dream, the bird represents the animal. In a woman's dream, the bird represents spiritual self. Dreaming of turkey traditionally, this bird is a dish in the festival and special celebration. Therefore, it symbolizes a good time.

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