Dreaming of touching the field screws What does it mean? Dreaming of touching field screw interpretations.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of the field

Tianzu is a typical high protein, low fat, high-calcium natural food, rich in protein required by the human body. Vitamins, minerals, nutrients comparable to abalone, called nutrients in shellfish.

Dreaming of touching the field screw means that income will continue to increase, there will be fortune, it is a good sign. What is better to treat others to treat others.

Dreaming of caught a lot of field screws, it will have a good luck will be good. At this time, it is possible to solve it.

Dreaming that there are a lot of screws, indicating that there is no good news in life, and there will be bad news.

Dreaming of heavily eating screws, indicating that the body may appear in a small, should pay attention to rest.

Men dream of touching theae, will get a lot of heterogeneity, may also launch a beautiful love.

Woman dreams of touching the field screw, the career can have good luck. The people who have a lot of routines are more than the opposite sex, and the emotions are unlocked.

The marriage person dreams that the family will argue, and the original planned thing is objected by his family, and it is easy to lead to the family.

Physical workers dream of touching field screws, bad signs, long-term difficulties will make you emotional, the best way to encounter problems is to solve in time, don't accumulate.

The people of entrepreneurs have dreamed of touching the field screw, the fortune is stable, and it is more intuitive, and it will not easily listen to others.

The elderly dreams touch theah, the body is healthy, and life is happy. Due to money, there is a dispute with the old man in the home.

The patient dreams touchs theah, suggesting that the condition will not be better in a short time.

Pregnant women dream of touching theae, said that work should also be arrogant and arrogant, to steady footsteps.

The people of this year dream of touching theah, meaning that it is not a raise salary, there is no tongue, and it is ignorant.

Pregnant people dream of touching the field screw, indicating that the first birthmaster is also a male, the first birthday female fetus is also a woman.

The people who go to school dream, meaning that everything goes well, can be admitted, and participate in the North District Exam.

The people in love dreams of touching theara, explaining the intervival, sincerely treat, marriage.

People who do business have dreamed of visiting theae, and the representative of the beginning of the year, and after autumn and winter.

The dream of traveling is visible, it is recommended to go out and smooth. The wind is large.

Dreaming of the original li dream

tether, life is not good. \" Ji Dream\"

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