Dreaming of the Prime Minister-Dreams Meaning And Symbol

To dream of the Prime Minister, on the one hand, indicates that you have the desire to approach glory and wealth, to gain power and wealth, to obtain honor and fame; on the other hand, it likewise indicates that you will take responsibility and suffer sorrow and trouble.

If you dream of shaking hands with the prime minister, there is a great possibility of suffering an accident.

A businessman dreaming of the Prime Minister foretells that your business will encounter unexpected events.

An entrepreneur dreaming of the Prime Minister foretells that he will do something new in his career or work, and if a good opportunity arises, he must seize it.

Dreaming that the Prime Minister looks funny, your situation may become worse.

To dream that you shake hands with the Prime Minister foretells that you will have some minor accidents.

To dream that you become the prime minister foretells that you will argue with your friend.

To dream that one's friend becomes the Prime Minister indicates that one will receive help from others in one's career.

To dream of paying tribute to the Prime Minister foretells that you will receive good news and maybe be promoted or transferred to a more important department overseas to fully demonstrate your ability and talent.

To dream of the Prime Minister or a dignitary acting like a friend and asking you for advice suggests a desire in your heart to establish a close, trusting relationship with your parents or an important authority in your work life, or an inner desire to be entrusted with important responsibilities.

To dream of receiving documents or other items from the Prime Minister's hand, foretells that the efforts you have been putting in, and the contributions you have made, will be recognized by the leadership, promoted, or recognized, rewarded, etc., and envied by people.

To dream of shaking hands with the prime minister implies that you will be helped by a noble person to realize your heart's desire; if you wish to be rich, you may have an unexpected great fortune coming immediately.