Dreaming of the mink is what it means? Dreaming in water 貂 interpretations.

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The main product part of the mink is skin. The mink, the fox skin and the Persian lamb skin, the three pillars of the world's fur market.

Dreaming of the water, representing you to control greed or selfish, and you may have to face heavy work, pay attention to rest.

The man dreams of water, indicating that you will live a good day, and suffering is going to pass.

Woman dreams of water, indicating that you will marry a rich people, life will be very happy, there is nothing trouble.

Woman dreams of mink coats, pragm, indicating that she is eager to live happiness.

Dreaming of loving people, smashing coats, is like pure and faithful.

Woman dreams of wearing an expensive leather or mink coat, saying that you are very good, not easy to meet.

Dreaming of mink coats, indicating that life economy is more constant, eager to life. If it is a businessman, it indicates a good project that will find money.

Entrepreneur dreams of water and 貂, indicating that your ability is very prominent, which makes you have a stable source of economic sources, and family life will be relatively loose.

The staff dreams of water, suggesting that your working status is more loose, and it may have a phenomenon. If you can constrain yourself, if you continue to work hard, your luck is still good.

Student dreams of water, indicating that you will pass the exam smoothly, and among the best of the best school in everyone.

Dreaming of the mink died, suggesting that you will be lost because of the wrong thing, the money and reputation will be lost, there is no way to save.

The people in love dreams that there is a death, suggesting that you have to encounter trouble, there may be a third party want to plug your family, you have to be careful.

Dreaming to capture a mink, indicating that your family life is very harmonious, life has always been stable, the feelings between husband and wife are very stable.

Dreaming of the mink said, indicating that nearby hide or representing your psychology is very secret.

Dreaming of the mink came out from the cage to me, representing the secret exposed, or hidden conflict disclosure.

Dreaming that the mink drilled from the ground hole to my string, the hidden dream. Cove hole, symbolizes the vagina.貂, symbolizes the reproductive organ.

Dreaming that the water is entangled in the neck, meaning your mind is clear, but there is a bit of action.

Dreaming of being lied by the water, there is a woman to be inhau, you have to be tangled, pay attention to it.

Pregnant women dream of water, auspicious, representing your future children will be rich. Fetus dreamsGood sign, many dreams to prove that your future children will be rich.

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