Dreaming of the lion mean me? Dreaming of the lion biting my interpretations.

Dreaming of the lion bite me what it means?

The lion in the dream usually associated with dignity, strength, glory and courage, showing dreams \ self \ China strongly and powerful side.

Dreaming of the lion biting me, indicating that you may encounter some sudden situation and chaos you the original plan. I have to be more cautious, I can't work in life,

Dreaming of being bitten by the lion, indicating that your character is very brave, face difficulties will be afraid, as long as you adhere to your personality, bigger Difficulties will also be overcome.

Dreaming of being besieged by the group lion, indicating that he would bravely face challenges under huge pressures, confident, breakout, difficult to solve.

Dreaming of being chased by the lion, indicating that you have recently encountered difficult or strong opponents.

Dreaming of the lion chasing me biting me, indicating that the pressure is heavy, avoid excessive self-righteousness, easy to make opinions with partners or colleagues, and you may wish to slow down and keep your mood.

Dreaming of the lion pounced to himself, suggesting that your fortune is not good, it will go to the madness, it is a mega of ominous.

Dreaming of the lion biting my hand, forecast the daily workplace fortune, may encounter hindrance, or an opponent.

Dreaming of lions biting my legs, indicating that you have difficulties and obstacles in work and career, but there will be new opportunities.

Dreaming that many lions should bite me, indicating that some problems need you to solve in the near future, when you encounter difficulties, you will get a friend's help, you will give you a good help.

Dreaming of small lions biting me, indicating that you will encounter villains in life in your life, avoid being framed by others, but you should be more careful in your life, or avoid it.

Dreaming of lions biting me bother bleeding, indicating that you can overcome difficulties, or, although it faces a strong enemy, but eventually did not be defeated.

The man dreams of the lion bite me, indicating a lot of difficulties in the road to success, I suggest you have to work more success.

Woman dreams of lions biting me, suggesting that they will be sick in the near future, I suggest you pay more attention to your health.

Middle-aged and old people dream of biting me, indicating that you are not healthy in the near future, be careful of certain diseases, if you do something wrong, go to the hospital for medical examination.

The office dreamed of the lion bite me, the recent work attitude is relatively pragmatic, the more than personal gains, pay attention to returns and pay, may be discriminated against others.

The people who prepare the exam dream of the lion bite me, meaning Wenchang hinders, suddenly changed the idea without participation.

People who do business dreams of lionsBite me, representing the name of Xia Yizhen, and like it.Spring is unfavorable.

The year of this year dreams that the lion bites me, meaning less, fear of being tired or the lawsuit.

People in love dream of ginting me, indicating that the first love waves, and the back is a couple, marriage is smooth.

What is going to go out, dreaming of a lion biting me, it is recommended to go home smoothly, and go home for one or two days.

Pregnant people dream of lion biting me, indicating that women, southern tricks.

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