Dreaming of the giraffe mean? Dreaming giraffe interpretations.

Dreaming of the giraffe means any bazeda

Adult giraffe can grow to two or three meters high, the neck accounts for half of the body or even more. Dreaming of giraffe, suggesting that you have a high goal and will continue to pursue. But the academicians will be worried. Some efforts are empty, and the results of the exam will not be ideal.

Dreaming to feed the small giraffe to eat, there is good luck in love.

Dreaming of giraffe attacking me, representing a lot of dreams, the decoction will disappear immediately, so there is a good luck.

Dreaming that the giraffe is dead, it is easy to suffer from others when they play, asking you something that is quite dislike and unwilling to do.

Woman dreams of giraffe, showing you a gentle, loveless person, will have a healthy and lovely baby.

The man dreams of giraffes, indicating that the ambition is far, and the work is innocent and excellent.

The old man dreamed of giraffe, this is a good sign, which means a special quick speed of the old people's recent health fortune.

Students dream of giraffes, secretly showing that the dreams have been well academified, and people have some worrying, and they must be more effort.

The people who prepare the exam dream of giraffe, meaning that they cannot be admitted.

The person who plans to go out dreams of giraffe, suggesting a lot, and the property is stolen.

Pregnant people dream of giraffe, indicating that gods, spring men, avoid moving soil, logging.

People in love dream of giraffe, showing goodbye, not discouraged, and hope to marry.

The people in this life dream of giraffe, meaning unfavorable, work, pay attention to safety and shoulder damage.

People who do business have dreamed of giraffe, representing more destruction and delays, and the operation is not smooth. If the garment store is more favorable.

Dreaming of the original li dream of giraffe

Seeing the deer, the main is to be unexpected. \" Ji Dream\"

Deer was killed, mainly lost money. \" Ji Dream\"

Dreaming of riding the deabe and loving the official. \"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

Director. Dream deer, the Lord is rich; dreaming of deer, main poverty. Direct deer, then, still, the dream is dead, then die. Hundreds of unhappy one. \"Dream Secretary\"

Direct deer. Dream of the deer is rich, dreaming of deer poor. Len to deer, deer, dead, good fortune, dreams, Zhao Zhao. \"Dream Lin Xi Xin\"

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