Dreaming of the gecko means what it means? Dreaming of the gecko in INTERPRETINS.

Dreaming of the gecko what does it mean on him?

Gecko often appears on the walls illuminated on the light, under the roof or on the pole, prey in mosquito, fly, fly Moth and spider, etc., is a beneficial animal. But the gecko has always been considered ominous, and it means humiliation in the dream. Dreaming of gecko, is a precursor to humiliate.

Dreaming that the gecko is on himself, indicating that he will be sick.

Dreaming that the gecko flew to himself, the fortune is not good, there will always be troubles to your head, causing anything you do.

Dreaming that the gecko was bite on his own body, appreciation of others is quite expected, recently, you have more vanity than usual, hoping to get concern and appreciated.

Dreaming of killing the gecko, poor luck, you see some indifferences, do not want to go out of the circle and others, so lonely is enhanced, which is very serious.

Woman dreams that the gecko is in his own, meaning that the workplace is not good, it may encounter a embarrassing thing on the work.

Pregnant women dream of the gecko in their own, indicating that the progress you are doing is particularly smooth, and will get a good result, and have a good meaning of the people.

The pregnant woman dreams of being biting by the wall, indicating that you or fetal health, remind you, if there is a symptom of the body, you must do medical treatment in time.

Pregnant women dream of the gecko and climb into the house, indicating that your family will be safe and happy, and will make life more successful after the baby's arrival.

The people in love dream of the gecko in themselves, explaining that they communicate with each other to travel in the tourism, waiting for a period of time.

The people of this life dream of the gecko in their own, meaning that do not believe in one side, everything is getting people, and you can go smoothly.

The people who prepare the exam dreams that the gecko is on them, meaning that one or two subjects are not ideal, other smooth, nearly admission.

People who do business dreams that the gecko is on themselves, representing not big investment, should be old, small business is beneficial.

The person who is going to go out will dream of the gecko in himself, the suggestion date is a little misunderstood, not very smooth.

Pregnant people dream of the gecko in their own, indicating that gods, and the mother and female are safe. Nine, October born male.

Dreaming of the original li dream of the gecko in his body

Gecko felled, main disease. \" Ji Dream\"

Gecko battle, disaster. \" Ji Dream\"

See the gecko, the Lord is humiliated. \" Ji Dream\"

cutting the gecko, children. \" Ji Dream\"

What do you mean by the gecko?What aleon?