Dreaming of the dead body of a stranger. What is the meaning of the dead body of a stranger?

What is the meaning of the dead body of the stranger

Dreaming that you are going to forget some unhappy pasts, and prepare to stand up from frustrating, no need Fear. Dreaming that the dead corpse of strangers means your life will be happy; if you dream of an acquaintance, you will show you friendship you will have friends.

Dreaming that there is no name, it may be a dissatisfaction with real life, such as lack of vitality and thinking, or is more difficult to communicate with externalities.

Non-nameless bodies may also just symbolize a segment of the past experience or the subconscious, and must not release.

Dreaming that he is holding a dead body, it is a good fortune, there is a good fortune, if the body is stinking, the career is more prosperous.

Dreaming to the headless or headless body, life will be crowded by others, be careful to pay attention to their situation.

Dreaming of himself holding a cockroach means that it will be slandered or blind.

Dreaming that there is a wet blood on the dead body, his words and deeds or results move the meaning of everyone.

Dreaming that the body rots with a viscous liquid, meaning that the cause is prosperous or his words, and it is very impressed.

Dreaming of the dead corpses of strangers, the current things will be successful and get up in the property.

The people of this year dream of seeing strangers, meant to deal with business, smooth, and do not detect patients.

Pregnant people dream of strangers, to pregnant, winter and spring occupants. Be cautious to prevent abortion.

People who do business dreams that strangers are dead, representing more difficult, not big investment, loss of loss.

The people in love dream of being dead corpses, explaining that although they love each other, they will begin with a parafase marriage.

Dreaming of the origin of the dead corpse of strangers

See the body, the main sector is rich. \" \"

See the dead bodies, the main sector, and Ji. \" \"

For people to lift the body, someone please. \" \"

What is the meaning of the dead body of a stranger?