Dreaming of the crow means? Dreaming of crow interpretations.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of the crow,

The crow is also called the old, the mouth likes. The sound is simple. The general character is fierce, rich in aggression, often prededing a water poultry, eggs in the bird nest. Eat, eating cereals, berry, insects, eggs, and other birds. Many kinds of wretched embarrassment.

Dreaming of the crow is an unfortunate sign. If the dream hears the crow, it means that you will be influenced by others, and there is a possibility of breaking money. If a woman dreams, it means that there is a bad woman will set a trap, and induce something that is injuring morality.

Dreaming of catching the crow, means able to defeat the enemy, defeat the competitors to win, and drive away the bad luck.

Dreaming that the crow falls on the tree, it is not aunt, it may have to have a poor life.

Dreaming of death crow, good things, said that you are over, the day is coming, the smooth day is coming.

Dreaming that the crow falls on someone's head, to remind that person pays attention to the body, it is possible that he will bed bed.

Dreaming that the crow is eating feces, prompting you to learn to learn from the poverty, abandon the original abuse.

Dreaming that the crow fell to the courtyard, indicating that you will encounter a disaster.

Dreaming outside the door, the crow is truncated, and there may be a car accident on the way.

Dreaming of the crow flying from his head, or falling on shoulders or body, ominous, reminding you to pay more attention to your body, may suffer from serious illness, or even dangerous.

Dreaming that the crow painted the circle flying, indicating that there should be trouble in interpersonal relationships, maybe you are too selfish, let friends feel disgust, want to leave you. Only when you are modest, the fortune will get better.

Heard the voice of the crow in the dream, suggesting that you will be influenced by others, and the property has been improperly allocated. For young men, he said that he will succumb to the circle of women with care.

Dreaming that the crow is called, indicating that you remember your recent doing things, pay attention to avoid your belongings being stolen.

Married men dream of crows, hints that they may encounter disasters.

Married woman dreams of crows, indicating that children may suffer.

Unmarried men dream of crows, indicating that they feel very painful because of their feelings.

Unmarried women dream of crows, hints that they may marry the weak and sick husband.

Businessman dreams of crows, indicating that they may have failed, business loss, and final bankruptcy.

Dreaming of the crow flying, recently, you have to face the competitors from all aspects, you have to prepare your mental preparation.

Dreaming to play the crow, indicating that you will receive good news, will let you resist the fighting spirit of bad luck andDetermined, it will get better and better.

The man dreams the crow call, indicating that your recent fortune is good, and it may meet your help in the work, so he will help himself happen.

Woman dreams that the crow is called, love fortune is not ideal, and it feels because the small conflict is not properly controlled, so that it has become the airline of contradiction, and the performance feels very emotional.

Single person dreams of crows, indicating that your recent love fortune is not good, remember cautious, you can listen to friends, and avoid harm too deep.

Businessman dreams of crows calling, indicating that you have a good fortune, maybe you will get an unexpected income, reward yourself, save money, and savage is difficult to grow, you can appropriate Investing a part of the funds, which feels good for keeping money.

Workers dream of the crow call, the performance of the work is general, and it is not seen that the results can be seen. It is always repeatedly worried about people who don't trust people. Status, very fear it will appear.

Students dream of the crow call, indicating that you need to be cautious in recent dating, remember that near Zhu is black.

Dreaming of the big crow, indicating that you have unfortunate luck, feel that it is an unfavorable environment.

The young woman dreams of the big crow, indicating that her heart will be a recent recently.

Businessman dreams of big crows, indicating that wealth is losses, pay attention to protecting their own property, remember to manage their own consumption budget, so you can avoid some unnecessary losses.

The gods that have been married dream in the big crow, indicating that the feelings have gradually have gaps, and the uncomfortable solution will make the two sides will completely break, do not want the two sides therefore regret, then there is a good communication with each other. .

The people who go to school dream of the crow, meaning that again, it is not ideal.

Pregnant people dream of crows and foresonize their girls. Be cautious to prevent abortion, the West is less.

The people in this year dream of the crow, meaning the joy, the financing of the financing, the fortune is good.

The people in love dream of the crows, indicating that it is a little quarrel, and the misunderstanding should be clear.

People who do business have dreamed of crows, representing business, stick to confidence, unlimited future, fame and fortune.

Dreaming of the original 's dream of the crow

captures the crow, fighting the battle. \" Ji Dream\"

See the crow, the main lost money. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream is a mully, the main achievements. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dreams of drows, Ji. The disaster disaster, the more disease, the disease is scattered, and it is right and wrong.The tongue is honest, the ominous thing is far, no intrusion. \"Dream Lin Xi\"

Dreaming of white crowbs. The poor is the company, and the main is white. Pregnant women dream, primary filial son. The patient is the owner of the patient. There is a lover, the Lord is good. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream Ciwu buds, big. Ciwu, filial piety, and mother old diseases will be borrowed. Dreaming this, the owner has the son of Ren Xiao, tries to farewell; the woman of Xian Shu, the courtesy. The old man is safe, the lesson and the way. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dreams of the crowned prior to the court. This dream is more excused. The crow is a bird, the tangle is in front of the court, and it must be a blessing, and this forecast is also. When it is, what is the title, the good object, the evil is the enemy. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dream crow acknowledges the intestine. Dreams of their parents have a jealousy, the children are regretted, the wife is fighting, the neighborhood is awarded. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream smoke flying. The main disaster is heavy, the tongue is not like. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

The crow in the dream symbolizes the fantasy, thoughts and ideas, these content must be unresolved. It can be exposed to it. The crow in the dream is a warning of death, it can also symbolize the wisdom and a multi-end. On the spiritual level, the crow represented by the dream.

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