Dreaming of the crocodile mean? Dreaming crocodile interpretations.

Dreaming of the crocodile meaning

The crocodile is a power representative, so some power is known as a crocodile. Dreaming of crocodile, representing the promotion of the status. Dreaming of crocodiles means being infringed by a fierce enemy, or the other party has betrayed himself, I want to put myself in a dead place. Dreaming of crocodile, I also showed that your thoughts were overweight, the pressure was too high; you can also show that you have encountered a lot of troubles, these uncomfortable things make you feel pain.

Dreaming that the crocodile bite, the megab, will suffer.

Dreaming of getting rid of the crocodile, it means it will get rid of huge dangers.

Dreaming of crocodile hurting you, means having a small person around you, always beware.

Dreaming that the crocodile climbs up from the water, indicating that you may leave the original place, open up new life or business.

Dreaming that the crocodile approached by himself, may indicate that you will spend a lot of money, governing a disease for your loved ones; or if the business is framed, the loss is lost.

Dreaming of the crocodile bite himself, indicating that you may be infringed by the enemy, or to abandon with your back, people who have damaged your people, no matter what situation, the opponent is fierce, not luck.

Young people dream of crocodile, suggesting that there is some fear in your heart, you feel that you can't get rid of this fear, afraid that you will be swallowed by it; also predict life or mental suffering.

Unmarried people dream of crocodile, indicating that emotional transport is not very ideal, usually because of the disagreement of opinion, as long as it can reasonably handle it.

The workers dream of crocodile, indicating that the fortune is constantly, and the fortune will start very well, but it has been a tendency to recession in the later stage. I have to pay more attention to it.

The job seeker dreams of crocodile, indicating that job hunting will be affected by the trivial matter of holidays or life, and the rational treatment is good. If you have your own efforts and struggle, you can't blindly.

The unmarried woman crocodile approached himself, and may indicate that the future husband is weak, and the husband and wife are not harmonious.

Dreaming that the crocodile is locked into the cage, and it will huge gains on the mall.

Dreaming of clearly seeing the mood of the crocodile, suggesting that you are afraid of being castrated.

Dreaming of crocodile prey animals, reminding you that you may encounter a competitor attack.

Dreaming that the crocodile is chasing friends, may indicate that your personal personality is somewhat weak, and it cannot be completely reliable.

Dreaming on stepping on the crocodile back, you may be in trouble, it is not easy to break free from trouble. When this dream is looking for you, you must be careful, don't trust anyone, even friends are no exception.

Pregnant women dream of crocodiles, indicateI will have a boy, but I also pay attention to my family may have a health problem. I suggest you want to remind your family to pay attention to your body.

Pregnant women dream of being bitten by crocodile, indicating that it will be promoted by you, especially the mother's mother, and work may be improved.

Pregnant women dream of crocodile biting, indicating that you will encounter some difficulties, will suffer, it is a mega.

The pregnant woman dreams two crocodiles, indicating that you have a lot of chances of twins or dragon and phoenixes, is a jigs.

Pregnant women dream of killing crocodiles, indicating happiness life is coming, is a not bad.

Dreaming of the original 's dream of the crocodile

Get rid of the fish and danger. \" Ji Dream\"

See the dried fish, the main character. \" Ji Dream\"

Demonstone. The businessman dreams, the land is no dangerous, the Haihai has a disaster, and it is careful. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dreaming of the psychology of the crocodile

From the spiritual level, the crocodile in the dream represents the constraint and break obstacles. The crocodile or other reptile in the dream indicates the deep fear of your heart. He can't overcome this feeling, afraid that he will be gradually swallowed. The fear of death is gradually occupying your heart.

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