Dreaming of the bugs mean? Dreaming of bug interpretations.

What is the meaning of the bugs?

Bug is also known as the blood of the bed, tick, snakes and warm blood. The bug has a pair of odor glands, which can secrete an abnormal odor. This stink has a defensive natural enemy and promotes mating, and the bug climbed.

Dreaming of bugs, not auspicious, life will encounter trouble. Dreaming of bugs, indicating that the disease is entangled and unfortunate.

Dreaming of a large number of bugs is a missed sign of unfortunate things.

Dreaming of eliminating the bug, the sign will spend the difficulties, and the enemy is desirable.

Dreaming of killing a bug, meaning the loss, soon we have to make a fortune.

The staff dreams of bugs and is dangerous.

Businessman dreams of bugs, meaning that business will be lost.

Employers dreamed of bugs, indicating that due to the negligence of servants, their families may be sick.

Dreaming is a signs of bugs, patients or accidents in their families or accidents.

Dreaming of you see a bug, indicating that your life will encounter trouble, you may receive unpleasant messages.

Dreaming of killing a bug, or cleared them, indicating that you will pass the difficulties, eliminate the enemy, and improve the situation.

Dreaming of bugs and dying, indicating the sorrow caused by disease.

Dreaming that the bug is stepped on, and then it is bloody, this is a warning you should be careful, from accidental disasters.

Dreaming of viscous bugs. The flow comes from water instead of blood, expressed warning, but not terminally ill or accidents.

Dreaming that the bug climbed the white wall, you took the hot boiling water to kill the bug, indicating that the big illness made you sad, but don't worry, not a terminal illness. If water is not impossible for them, it is not impossible to cause fatal results.

Dreaming of the original li dream

The main thing is like a property, but it is not a person, so it seems that there is a shortage in the beauty. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dreaming of the psychology of the bug

Dreaming of bugs, saying that some people in real life want to rely on your \ parasitic \ life. They may think that your life is more attractive than yours, thus germination of the readings of parasitic. You may feel that you have a kind of guilt or shame. You must understand that there is no support for the outside world, just by your individual is unable to solve any problems. From the spiritual level, the dream is actually warned that you don't attach others in your feelings or mental. What is the meaning of dreaming of bugs??