Dreaming of the birds mean? Dreaming of bird interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming of birds

Dreaming of birds, is a not bad. Everything goes well, all the best. Dreaming of a little bird with beautiful feathers is a good dream. If a woman is doing this dream, a rich and happy partner will appear.

Dreaming of bird standing at the foot, indicating things that happening to people around them or around.

Dreaming of birds flying into the arms, men will have a happy event such as improved positions, women are pregnant fetuses.

Dreaming of the meat of the birds eating animals is a dream of being a rich man, which will accumulate a lot of the property.

Dreaming of the fight against the bird, suggesting that the disaster will come. But dreaming of birds all flying, it is not bad.

Dreaming of bird eggs is a not bad.

Dreaming of birds flying into the house, this means that there will be impact development in the feelings, maybe you have broken up the lovers that you have broken up will be compounded with you, or you have already done it. The object suddenly has a good sense of you, with you, this is a symbol of love resurrection.

Dreaming of the bird hatching, the new born bird baby 吱 吱, this is, it means that there will be a small life in the family. If the hostess dreams, there will be pregnant good news, or hint It's going to be born.

Dreaming like a bird flying on the mountains, indicating that hints that love will grow rapidly. Your current love status does have change.

Dreaming of playing with birds, saying that you will meet your favorite objects, and you will get along with the love river, you have to take the opportunity.

Dreaming to feed the bird, today, your mood is a bit bad, a little extreme, like to think about things, relax, tight brain, don't think.

Dreaming of the small birds in the cage, indicating that you will accumulate a lot of property, and the children will grow up healthily.

Dreaming that there are many birds in the bird cage, indicating that you will accumulate many property or charming children.

Dreaming that there is only one bird in the bird cage, indicating that you will marry the anisotropy from a certain amount of money.

The girl dreams that there is only one bird in the cage, indicating that you will find a rich boyfriend.

Dreaming of the flying cage in the small bird, the work currently has successful, and it is won.

The shareholders dream of birds, and the stock market suggests that there is now a lot of money, otherwise it will fall and make money.

The people who go to school dream of birds, meaning that the science score is poor and affects admission.

People who do business dreams of birds, representing the previous half of the year, the end of the year, and we have a fortune.

The people in this life dream of the birds, meaning that they are roughly smooth, do not have a lot of things, caution.

People in love dream of birds, illustrative, difficult, mutualIntid it to marriage.

Pregnant people dream of birds, indicating that born men, August occupied women.Mother is more weight.

The people who travel dreams of birds, suggesting smoothly, peace is back.

People in love dream for feeding birds, love people are more paste with you, but they can be more compared with others, everyone's feelings are different, and understand each other.

Single people dream of feeding the bird, there will be better peach blossoms, the other side's gentle stickers, it is easy to go to the love river.

What do you mean by dreaming of birds?