Dreaming of the big goose means? Dreaming of the big intends.

What does it mean of dream of the big goose?

Goose represents vigilance and love in the dream. Like swans, it symbolizes dawn and new life.

Dreaming of the big screams, reminding you to distinguish between right and wrong, do not spread the speech.

Dreaming that the goose leisurely swim in the water, said life peace.

Dreaming of the goose in the flying, indicating that you will have an expelable trip in the near future.

Dreaming of the beans that flying flying, indicating that you may have already expected it in your heart, your personal life or occupation will change.

Dreaming of a group of goose is dead, suggesting that you will suffer losses, mood depressed.

Dreaming of eating goose, some people will controversial for your property.

Dream was bitten by the goose, it is a happy life.

Dreaming that the goose desperately called you very nervous, suggesting that your home will encounter unfortunate, or something unpleasant.

Dreaming of a group of big goose, suggesting the decision in your own career, and the eyes are long. Give forward thinking, eventually get better opportunities in your career.

Woman dreams of geese, in the near future, your career is good, but you have more mutual understanding between you and others. If you can listen to your advice in your feelings, you can meet To people who are really good to you, you are really true, and your feelings can last long.

The man dreams of the goose, and you are more troublesome in the treatment of family relationships, but the relationship between lovers and mother-in-law is not good.

Pregnant women dream of beef, indicating that the husband and wife feel very good, the husband is also quite considerable to pregnant mother, is a not bad.

Pregnant women dream of alorganism, indicating that pregnant mothers and tire babies are very healthy, is a sign of very gentle.

Pregnant woman dreams of geese fight, indicating that pregnant mothers may be with other people, remind pregnant mothers should pay attention to others in the usual life, should try to get rid of trouble.

The people of this year dream of dreaming of the goose, meaning all things. Step by step, let's get a happy fairy.

The people in love dream of the goose, explaining the gap, understanding each other to make the marriage.

Pregnant people dream of geese, indicating that life men, summer, women, less far doors.

People who do business dreamed of geese, representing multiple varies, failing to operate smoothly.

The trip of the trip dreamed of the goose, suggested that the rainy weather, the reasons will be extended in several days.

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