Dreaming of pigeons mean? Dreaming of pigeons flying interpretations.

Dreaming of the pigeon flies what it means?

The pigeons in the dream symbolize peace, unity and harmony, and the strength of aggregation. Dreaming of pigeons, it is a bad sign, suggesting that dreams may encounter trouble, will fall into trouble.

Dreaming that the pigeons fly away from their own hands, meaning that the wife will quietly leave himself, should communicate early, try our best to resolve the contradiction.

Dreaming of the flying flying in the air, warning people may encounter difficulties, please be cautious.

Dreaming of the pigeons flying into the house, indicating that life is comfortable, and is comfortable.

Dreaming of many pigeons and colorful, indicating that you have romantic personality, good mentality.

Dreaming that the pigeons are full of flying, indicating that the fortune is very good, there will be real friends who live and die.

Dreaming that the pigeon flew to me, suggesting that all aspects in all aspects have been excellent in these two days, you will have a sweep, giving people a sense of exciting.

Dreaming of flying pigeons, indicating the good news from friends from the distant place; also representing the happiness between lovers.

The married woman dreams of pigeons, soon pregnant, can be born with a beautiful boy.

Married male dreams of pigeons, suggesting that dreams of lovers will be left you, getting out of your bondage.

Pregnant dreams of pigeons, indicating that the fortune is very bad, their own health is not very good, the transitional fatigue will affect the child's development, then they must pay attention, can't work too much.

The dream of the exam is flying, indicating that the fortune is very general, the results of the exam is very unsatisfactory, because you don't have a good review, it is easy to be distracted by other things.

Pregnant people dream of pigeons, indicating that raw men, summer account for women. The husband and wife are gone, not abortion.

The people of this life dream of dreaming of pigeons, meaningful in summer and autumn, the last half of the year is going smoothly.

People who do business dreams of pigeons, representing a lot of money, re-rectify, and should not be suitable.

The person who prepares the exam dreams that the pigeons are flying, meaning that hinders, there must be perseverance, and finally take.

The people in love dream of the pigeons, indicating that the extension is not married, and then said.

The people who plan to go out dream of flying, and it is recommended to travel as scheduled.

Dreaming of the original 's dream of the pigeon flying

See the pigeons, the main beauty marriage. \" Ji Dream\"

Hand in the hand, the main wife is away. \" Ji Dream\"

What is the meaning of dreaming of pigeons?