Dreaming of peacock means? Dreaming of peacock interpretations.

What do you mean by dream of peacock?

Peacock head topped green, the feather blue green is spiral; the tail is very long, forming a tail screen, bright and beautiful; true The tail feathers are very short and dark brown. Fisherman has no tail screen, and the feathers are dark brown.

Dreaming of peacocks, symbolizing your future, especially developing in the career, life will be rich.

Dreaming of peacock is dancing, suggesting to pay well.

Dreaming of peacock into the nest, means making good luck.

Dreaming of the peacock squats, or with flowers, symbolizes beautiful and rich.

Dreaming of peacock opens, means rich and auspicious. It is predicted that you can make excellent results in the abroad.

The married woman dreams of the peacock open, indicating that you have to be pregnant, and will give birth to a strong boy.

Unmarried men dream of seeing peacocks, indicating that you will soon find the people.

When I opened the peacock arrogant, I made a harsh tweet, indicating that those who look elegant and kind will make your mood are unhappy, and you feel uneasy.

The man dreams that the peacock is lying on the ground, indicating that you may be dismissal and face the unemployment crisis.

The patient dreams of peacock open, indicating that your body will quickly return to health.

Businessman dreams of peacock opens or dancing, indicating that there will be big business, and the profits are rich.

Woman dreams that there are many peacocks, indicating that you will be blinded by men's flowers.

Married woman dreams of peacock bedding, indicating that husbands and children may have worrying you.

Dreaming of the peacocks, may indicate that life will be turbulent.

Businessman dreams of peacock calls, indicating that it may be frustrated in business and face loss.

The unmarried man dreams of the peacock, indicating that it may be separated from the lovers, and the heart is sad.

The peasant dreams of the peacock, is nice, indicating that the wind is rampage, and gets a harvest.

Pregnant women dream of peacocks, indicating happiness of life.

Pregnant woman dreams of peacock opens dancing, indicating that you will give birth to a boy.

Pregnant women dream of peacock open, indicating that you will have a beautiful, people.

Pregnant woman dreams of peacock opens under the water, indicating that you can successfully produce a beautiful, healthy girl, and will be very happy in the future.

Dreaming to see the peacock mouth, suggesting that the enemy will kill each other, and you can sit on the benefits of fish.

Dreaming of peacock flying back, indicating that you will soon have good luck.

Dreaming of peacocks falling on the tree, this is the ominous signIt means that some people threaten their own safety.

Dreaming of peacock tail, indicating that it may be accused of crime and is punished.

Dreaming of hunting peacock, reminding you to pay attention to rest, supplement nutrition, indicating that your body is somewhat weak, when the heart is a disease.

Dreaming of eating fleshorn, not joy, indicating that you may have a bloody disease, pay attention to your health.

Dreaming of dog chasing peacock, indicating that you may arrears, and because it is not possible to return to the bonder's harassment.

Woman dreams that he has a lot of peacocks, indicating that she will be blinded by the man's flowers.

The people of this year dream of seeing peacock, meaning that it is best to be defended, and there is no idea of \ \ entrepreneurial investment.

People who do business dream of peacocks, represents emerging, big investment or expansion.

Pregnant people dream of peacock, indicating that raw men. Summer, child, pay attention to mother and child safety.

People in love dream of peacock, explaining sincerity and sincerity, marriage.

Dreaming of peacock The original version of Ji Dream

Confucius, the day is unstable. \" Ji Dream\"

Peacock is lying, the main is not happy. \" Ji Dream\"

Peacock Dancer, all the luck. \" Ji Dream\"

Peacock, the main gap. \" Ji Dream\"

Dog chased peacock, main debt. \" Ji Dream\"

Peacock Flying, there is article. \" Ji Dream\"

Peacock ruined tree, hit it. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream Peacock Flying. The dream of the family, the main merits have been promoted, the marriage is expensive; the pregnant woman dreams, the primary talents; the next person dreams, still sabo. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream Peacock, Ji. Flowers, beautiful things; peacocks, extraordinary birds. Dream peacock, beautiful and proud. Pregnant, women, it will be beautiful. However, it should be characterized by the species of the flower. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dream Peacock Dance in the court, Ji. Peacock is a famous poultry, which is the emotional color of the ancient three officials. Dream, the official will be located to Qing Zo; marriage, the son-in-law must be proud; the pregnant woman is the sister of Wenhua, for the Shi Ming Chen. If you dream of your dreams, the genus is bound. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Psychology Dream The bird in the dream symbolizes fantasy, thoughts and ideas, these The content must be exposed in the unrestrained situation. As early as the Non-Christian era, people have interested birds and flights. Once, people think that the bird is the conveyor of the soul, it has the corresponding magic and power. If you dream of the peacock, you express your understanding of the development process is like peacock \u0026 mda.Sh; \u0026 mdash; developed from a simple young bird to the most beautiful bird.Like Phoenix, Peacock is also a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.At the spiritual level, the birds in the dream represent people's soul.

What do you mean by dream of peacock?