Dreaming of others hit my mother. What is the meaning of dreaming of others to hit my mother?

What is the sign of dreaming about what other people hit me? It is very enviable. Remind the dreamer to release his bad emotions and face life and life with a positive attitude.

Dreaming of other people's mother, implying that you have strong guilt, self -blame, or inferiority, self -aversion.

Dreaming that others want to hit my mother, saying that you have no sense of security now, and have a helpless feeling for things around.

Dreaming of being beaten by relatives by relatives means your efforts, you will not be recognized by relatives and friends.

Dreaming that many people hit my mother, you may have a tendency to suppress yourself. It is difficult to understand by the people around you, and you are particularly confused.

People in this year of life dream of others hitting my mother, which means that things are hindered, outings, less travel, and prevent the design of villains.

People who do business dream of others hitting my mother. It means that it can make a profit on accounting or the assistance of the hostess.

People who are preparing to take the exam dream that others hit my mother, which means that the science science science has a poor grade and failed to do it.

Pregnant people dreamed that others hit my mother, indicating that there were daughters, and spring was born with men. Pay attention to nutrition.

People in love dreamed of others hitting my mother, indicating that the speed of the speed was determined, and the action could be achieved immediately.

People who planned to go out dream of others hitting my mother, and it is better to be extended for two months.

Dreaming of the original version of Zhou Gong's dream of playing my mother's mother

Scolding the master of the people. \"Zhou Gong's Dream Interpretation\"

was scolded to be noble. \"Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation\"

\"Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation\"

What is the sign of dreaming about other people to hit my mother?