Dreaming of my wife is dead. What is the meaning of my wife's death?

Dreaming of the wife is dead, what is the meaning of what it means

Youth lost father, middle-aged wife, older funeral is the three tragedy of life. Dreaming of wife dead It is very good for your body to be very healthy and longevity, and it will be very good.

The husband dreams of being dead, indicating that the feelings between husband and wife will be very harmonious, and life will be very happy.

Dreaming of my wife is very sad, pragm, life will happiness.

Dreaming of sick wife is dead, indicating that the wife will soon recover health.

Dreaming of my wife died, I have to be cautious about spending money or investment.

Dreaming that the wife died and lived, they will encounter some difficulties, and you want to get the support of others, the troubles and stress of life make you very nervous.

Dreaming of the wife is killing, there are many employment opportunities around us, they can't be competent, so all all efforts are futile.

Dreaming of the wife is dead, with someone else's snowy moon, a concern of a dream.

Dreaming of the wife's car accident is dead, it means that people who love themselves will throw their own emotions.

Unmarried people dream of being bad luck, and the relationship with lovers is not good, it is possible that the review is not enough to care enough, thus alienating the feelings of both parties.

The married man dreams of being dead, falling into a coma, indicating the signs of abortion, to go to the hospital on time to ensure that the mother is safe.

The dreamed of the wife, will be married to a woman who has been taught, she will become the assistant of her own career.

Middle-aged people dream of being seriously ill, act reasonably, voluntarily, and cautious.

Pregnant people dream of being dead, indicating that raw men, summer, women.

People in love dream of being dead, explaining honesty to the marriage.

The people who plan to go out dream of seeing their wife, it is recommended to be trapped on the way, and delay travel.

People who do business have dreamed of being dead, representing financial, and the business is slightly hindered, and the officers.

The people who prepare the exam dream of being dead, meaning that the mouth is hindered, more becoming more, close to admission.

The people of this year dream of dreaming of death, means that all things are smooth, only should be careful to prevent friends to write to design to damage money, anti-the thief.

Dreaming of the original Jun Dream of the wife

妻 妻, the main happiness. \" \"

Seeing people die from death. \" \"

See the death of death.\" \"

Dream wife married others.The main family is dissatisfied, the lone is different, the portal is empty, and ominous.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream wife has sick, the main room is in the house.\"Dream Secretary\"

Dream is a wife.The ground is extremely humiliation, yang, and should be migrated.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

What do you mean by dreaming of death?