Dreaming Of My Mother's Death-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Death is simply a symbol of not the death of the body. People are complicated and magical. The people who depend on them also define people who have no spiritual self as spiritual death. Or the body still exists, but there is no expectation of life, no attachment to the world, and repetitive mechanical living is not a life that people agree with.

Therefore, in the dream, there are many possibilities for the mother to leave what we want to express
One is that my mother is not in good health recently, and her dreams are affected by worry about her.
Second, you find that your mother is in an extremely depressive environment. Subjectively, you are gradually disappointed in the things around you and have no confidence in the things around you. You can't intervene and have no ability to change, but this incident has brought you a deep impression.
The three-way mother has too much restraint on you, preventing your development and restricting your freedom. Such excessive control makes you feel breathless, and your dreams indicate that you want to break free of such restraints.

Characters in Dreamland:

  1. Students: To analyze, you need to know the current family environment and whether your family is facing any problems. If there are problems, it may be the pressure on your mother that makes you feel that your mother is almost unable to support it. In this way, you need to take the initiative to try to change your own bad things and reduce the burden on a small number of mothers. If the family is not affected by external pressure, then you are a manifestation of your own pressure, and you need to communicate with your mother.
  2. Staff: On behalf of you, you want to get the understanding of your mother to be able to arrange your life according to your own ideas. In addition, there is another explanation of dreams as the recent changes in mothers, and people are getting healthier and younger. This is something to be happy about. It shows that mothers have a new and better lifestyle.
  3. Elders: People who are older than others dream of such a thing, it means that the mother's last wish has been fulfilled, and she has truly died. It may also be to remind you that the time to help her fulfill her last wish has arrived, remind you through dreams so that you don't miss the best time.