Dreaming Of My Boss Smiling At Me-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of the leader smiling at you: This is a bad omen, and you will encounter a sudden attack from the enemy.

Dreaming that the leader smiled at me: Be vigilant, especially when you go out to be deceived.

Dreaming that the leader smiles at me and complains about people who are the objects you should avoid. You will meet many such people. The emotions that are suppressed in your heart will be triggered because of this, and the danger of assimilation exists at all times.

A single person dreams of a leader smiling at me, has the courage to express his love, and has the opportunity to show himself in front of the opposite sex, and will soon fall in love.

A middle-aged person dreams of a leader smiling at you, indicating that your fortune is good,

The person who is looking for a job dreams that the leader smiles at you: the rising job hunting fortune, flexibility, and recent practical work attitude will leave a good impression on the other party.

A man dreams of a leader smiling at you: indicates that you have the opportunity to travel

Dreaming that I and the leader are laughing at each other. The opposite sex has a good relationship. It is easy to meet the person you like when going out shopping. At this time, your courage is very important. In addition, you are very suitable for some investment in technology.