Dreaming Of Losing The Key|What Does It Mean to Lose The Key-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of losing the key: The recent fortune is unstable, but when the opportunity arises, you must grasp it carefully, then the fortune will be very prosperous.

To dream of losing the key means that all your hopes of winning the prize are dashed.

Candidates dreaming of losing their keys are a sign of good test scores. Don't be proud, otherwise, they will fail the next test.

The unemployed dreamed that the key was lost: now is not a good time to find a job.

A single person dreams of losing the key indicates that you are about to fall in love

To dream of losing a key: You will get help from others in difficult times.

A businessman dreams of losing a key: means that you have gained a fortune alive.

A student dreams of losing a key: indicates good test scores.

Dream interpretation: Keys often appear in dreams. It represents new viewpoints, new thoughts, and new feelings, and can show memories, experiences, and knowledge that people did not know before. If a bunch of keys appears in the dream, it implies that you must display all your personalities to gain new experiences.

Psychoanalysis: If you feel like being imprisoned, then the key to freedom will often appear magically. There are actually many ways to solve problems hidden in people's hearts. A symbol, such as a key in a dream, can pull you back to the real ground and give you the ability to find answers. In the psychoanalytic viewpoint, the key also has an obvious sexual meaning. Especially when the lock and key appear together as a pair of images, the key may symbolize the male genitalia.

Spiritual symbol: The key in the dream symbolizes your desire to be free from the heavy burden and then move in a positive direction. The silver key and the golden key symbolize short-lived spiritual power.