Dreaming of killing wolves means? Dreaming to kill wolf interpretations.

Dreaming of the killing wolf is meaningful for omen

The wolf in the dream symbolizes our subconscious wild impulses. Dreaming of killing wolves, saying that you have never doing things recently, and the friends are also very bad. Friends will be a heart to your mouth, for the benefit, but also secretly calculate you, use you.

Dreaming of wolves, no matter whether it is still a group, it is impressed that the dream feels that he is threatened by someone else, and everything that is also empties is not smooth.

Dreaming of hunting a wolf, indicating that you will defeat your hiking your opponent.

Dreaming of the wolf or sheep, reminding you to be careful to guard against thieves and robbers.

Dreaming to shoot a wolf, indicating that you will be a timid person, it will encounter a lot of difficulties, and it is ominous.

Dreaming that the head with the stick, indicating that your recent pressure is too large, do things, can't find a good method, and half-meter.

Dream to kill two wolves, indicating that your recent mood is good, all things are very smooth, do things will be more powerful.

Dreaming of the wolf to yourself, remind you to be ambitious, or if you like people who have to move to destroy your reputation.

Dreaming of the wolf bite me: Items that you may have problems in your health, or other aspects encountered more powerful competitors.

Dreaming that he was besieged by the wolves, be careful with the disaster of the party, or be careful to be a thief and robbers, such as traveling, be careful in the middle of the way.

Pregnant people dream of killing wolves, indicating that the first birthmaster is also a male, the first birthday female fetus is also a woman.

People who do business have dreamed of killing wolves, and they represent all the smoothness, don't be careful, be careful.

People in love dream of killing the wolf, explaining the maintenance of the body, and is calm, and the marriage can be made.

The people of this life dream of killing the wolf, means a car accident or mechanical damage, leaving less far doors, should be held.

Dreaming of the original Wolf's original 's dream

was surrounded by the group, everything is going on. \" Ji Dream\"

Seeing Wolf, the owon is murdere. \" Ji Dream\"

Wolf 叼, the main thief is facing the door. \" Ji Dream\"

The wolf felts, the wife is happy. \" Ji Dream\"

The wolf bite, the main is not. \" Ji Dream\"

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