Dreaming of fish and snakes mean? Dreaming fish and snake interpretations.

What do you mean by dream of fish and snakes

The meaning of the fish is good, but the meaning of the snake is not good. Dreaming of fish and snakes, indicating that the near-date dreams are very good, the fortune is rising, and money is rolling.

Dreaming of fish and snakes together, there is something to help, most of them will not be rejected.

Dreaming of fish and snake biting, mostly reflecting your fear, afraid.

Dreaming of seeing or stepping onto snake during water or bathing, indicating that you think is pure happiness, it is a trouble.

Dream of fish struggled in shallow water, indicating that you work hard, progress is difficult, may be deserved.

The moving person dreams that the fish and snakes seem to be in the near future. It is not suitable for moving, there is more pressure in life, or the annoyance of troubles in the near future affects your mental, moving is not a good thing.

Dream saw a group of flourished to swim, meaning that your relationship is old, so I hope that the relationship has a further development.

The married woman dreams of fish and snakes, and is nice, indicating that the enemy will kill each other, and both.

Pregnant women dream of snakes and fish, is not bad. I will give birth to a smart healthy son soon.

Pregnant women dream dreams of snakes to eat dead fish, is a bad dream. Pregnant women doing this dream should pay attention to their health and baby's development status.

The pregnant woman dreams that the fish is eaten by the big snake or python, indicating that there will be some bad things in the pregnancy, but will eventually give birth smoothly.

Pregnant people dream of fish and snakes, indicating that life men. Summer, women, prevent trouble products.

What is going to go out, dream of seeing fish and snakes, and it is recommended to go out less.

People in love dream of fish and snakes, explaining each other to explore the disadvantage, and can be embarrassed to be married.

The people of this life dream of seeing fish and snakes, meaning that wealth or unexpected wealth, and seize the opportunity.

People who do business dream of fish and snakes, representing financial permanent, real estate is advantageous, progress is slow.

The people who prepare the exam dream of fish and snakes, meaning that there is confidence, the test is good, and you should be particularly careful.

Dreaming of the original 's dream of fish and snake

was bite the snake, the main is good luck. \" Ji Dream\"

Dreaming of the snake group, Bigli. \"Dunhuang Dream\"

Dreamland pool goldfish jumped, Ji. The scholars have a dream, the main leader, win the championship. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dream fish jumping soil, fierce. Fish lost water, people's loss also. The name of the monks is not, the benefits are not, our workers, and should be cautious. \"Dream Lin Xi\"

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