Dreaming of comrades. What do you mean by dreaming about comrades -in -arms?

What is the sign of dreaming about your comrades

Comrades refer to the name between active soldiers or veterans. Dreaming of comrades -in -arms not bad indicates that your friendship is very firm.

Dreaming of your comrades are together, implying that you are lucky recently, maybe work will be commended afterwards.

Dreaming of your comrade -in -arms drinking together may be your current situation. When you encounter difficulties, you do n’t really help your friends.

Dreaming of comrades -in -arms are training like the past, indicating that you are a person who can endure hardships and hard work, and his performance in your work will be very good.

Dreaming of his comrades -in -arms died, I foresee that you will meet with friends who have not seen a long time recently. Maybe your friends will bring you a lot of surprises.

Dreaming of your comrades -in -arms, indicating that you want your comrades to live well.

Dreaming of breaking with your comrades, indicating that you will have trouble recently.

Dreaming of comrades -in -arms to hit himself, saying that he would be criticized by leaders.

Dreaming of his comrades -in -arms gone, implying that there will be happy events at home during this time, so it will be very happy. Some people will not take it in their hearts.

Dreaming of your comrades -in -arms meet again. Recently, your luck is not good, and there will be villains around you who are framed yourself. You need to be vigilant.

Dreaming of his comrades and crying, indicating that your health is not good recently, and the digestive system remember to pay more attention.

Women dream of comrades -in -arms, family relationships are not in harmony, so they do n’t have to fight with family members because of small things.

Men dream of comrades -in -arms, and their careers can have the opportunity to fly Huang Tengda. They have negotiated with others.

People who do business dream of comrades -in -arms, although smooth and slow, be careful to be destroyed.

People in love dream of comrades -in -arms, and it is difficult to communicate with concepts. It's hard to find.

People in this year dream of comrades -in -arms, right and wrong, be careful of the disaster of officials and prison.

People who attended the school dream of comrades -in -arms, their grades were less ideal and did not affect the admission results.

Pregnant people dream of comrades -in -arms, giving birth to men, Xia Zhan daughter, preventing abortion.

Those who travel dreamed of comrades -in -arms, postponed a few days before going out.

What are the signs of dreaming about your comrades?