Dreaming of birds mean? Dreaming bird interpretations.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of the bird

People only feel relaxed in mind and mind, they can dream of dreamed of cheerful and light birds. Dreaming of birds, explaining the heart of dreams.

Dreaming of beautiful feathers is a very good dream. If a woman is doing this dream, a rich and happy partner will appear.

Dreaming of birding birds, indicating that your good luck will be destroyed, maybe you will encounter unfortunate things, or encounter setbacks.

Dreaming that the birds flying in the cage, saying that the work you are doing will have achieved significant results, gain a lot.

Dreaming of birds on the head, recently your fisherman is very good, may wish to do a small trial, but always remember the strength, so you will have a small harvest on money.

Dreaming of birds are freely flying, symbolizing your spiritual consciousness, or inner spirituality, also expressing your favorite, pursue knowledge, or distant thoughts.

Dreaming of the bird group gathered, reminding you that everything is be careful. If the birds in the dream are gathered on the roof, you have to be careful and thieves; if the bird group gathered in the garden, it indicates that there may be a lawsuit lawsuit; if the bird group gathered in the woods, it indicates that someone is looking for the hatred of the past; If the bird group is in the wilderness, be careful to prevent thieves from robbing.

Dreaming of birds in the sky, this is a sign of a partner flee, loss of property, etc.

Dreaming of birds flying in the air, suggesting that the exciting news or a shocking thing is a good sign of success.

Dreaming of a bird group, the bird group is flying in the air, his career or work is received by the world or widely opened Xiangrui.

Dreaming of killing birds, reminding you to be serious because of derailment and other things.

Dreaming of catching birds, indicating that you have to pay, you have to make a fortune.

The dream heard birds, indicating that there will be happy things.

Dreaming of bird fighting, indicating that you may have encountered a disaster.

Dreaming of bird eggs is a not bad.

Dreaming of hatching eggs, small sciences have not yet shelled, indicating that they will pronounce the lawsuit.

Dreaming of bird's nest in the nest, suggesting that it will be poor and hard to live.

Dreaming to use food to seduce birds, remind you to be losses.

Dreaming of shooting birds, there is no disaster harvest.

Dreaming of birds around the birds, indicating that there is a bad thing to make you money.

Dreaming of bird eggs, Geely, but if you dream of hatching eggs, the chicks don't leave the shell, indicating that you may be poor and have a hard life.

Dreaming of birds being closed in the cage, expressing restrictions and bouquesBind. Dreaming that I am playing with the birds that fall in the hand, suggest that you will fall into love, like drunk.

Dreaming that there is no direction, it reflects the confusion you face the real world.

Dreaming of an injured bird, it is destined to be deeply saddened by the mistakes of future generations.

Dreaming of yourself eating birds, indicating that you may face a bitter day, but after depression, there will be fortune.

People in love dreams birds, explaining mutual understanding, they can marry.

Pregnant people dream of birds, foresoning giving birth to female, winter, giving birth to men, paying attention to diet.

People who do business dreams birds, and representatives begin to operate smoothly, gradually walked down, and there is no profit.

The people of this life dream of birds, means that it is not good, and the diet is careful, and you will have a blessing.

Dreaming of the original li dream

caught flying birds, far from. \" Ji Dream\"

Birds flying four things, breaking money. \" Ji Dream\"

See the ruptifier, the main point is not. \" Ji Dream\"

Bird food moth, murderer. \" Ji Dream\"

See the little bird, if you are guilty. \" Ji Dream\"

Flying birds into the arms, all the luck. \" Ji Dream\"

See the bird, on behalf of the. \" Ji Dream\"

Turning the bird, the main mistake. \" Ji Dream\"

Seeing birds, catching birds to make money. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream is a bird, there is a guitar. The dream is a bird, when details, it is, it is, it is, it is not the fierce. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dreaming of birds, wisdom. \"Dunhuang Dream\"

Dreams and birds. Dedicated, dreaming of this self. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dreaming of flying birds, there is far away. \"Dunhuang Dream Dream\"

Dreaming of barefins. Dreaming this is the mother, the main day of the rain, the death of the long-term disasters, the long-term crowd, long-lasting. If you dream of your barefly people, you must fire. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream fire, bird, fierce. The emperor dreams, the side is chaos; the soldiers have changed. The image of the disaster is more resistant to fire. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream bird flying in the population, Ji. The bird has a literary talent, and the Lord is in the art of the article. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dreaming of birds, wants to travel. \"Dunhuang Dream\"

Dreaming of a variety of birds, far away. \"Dunhuang Dream\"

There is a bird in the dream day, fierce. The emperor dreams, the court must have a rape and gather; the people dream, the anti is idle. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dreaming of flying birds, murder. DunHuang Ben Dream Book \"

Dreams and vanes. Pregnant woman dreams, the main ominous mega. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream bird entrance, the Lord is in the art. \"Break Dream Secretary\"

Dream Big Birds, the Lord is in the art. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream white bird, there is a joyful. Birds are not pure, dreaming in the dream. The owner has a lifting person to good signs, and there is a disease. The poor people dream this, the humiliation dreams have to be white, pregnant, dreams, this is a child. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dreaming of flying birds died, pedestrians. \"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

Dreambirds Dragon Snake, fierce, the main funeral is destroyed. \"Dream Forest Xi\"

Dream is moon. Fugui dream, the main feast song and dance, the monopolism of the unwanted; pedestrian dreams, take the initiative to think. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream bird flying by, the main death. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dreaming of birds, giving a loss. \"Dunhuang Dream\"

Dreaming of flying birds into people, traveling away. \"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

The bird is full, the Lord has auspicious. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream Wings Bird, Ji. Dreaming of this is the expected, the celebrity is famous, the Samurai Wan Zhenhua. At the test, you should test the dream, will be in the world. Born, you will be expensive. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

The bird fights, the main disaster is coming. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream bird, there is a joyful. The birds are long and tails for nine bureaucrats. I should choose a dream, and the county Zuo; the gods of the public, there is a sideline; if you have a lot of dreams, the Lord has filial piety. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

Dream purple went bird fell in court, Ji. Some people in the main family have been named in the article. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream red bird three feet, Ji. This is the essence of the sun, the judge is also. Dreaming of this is Guizhou. Shiuan's daily view, pregnant birth is expensive, long Yu Yun opened the day, long-lasting is extremely poor, long-term disaster removal. If the dream is not enough, or a feet of two feet, the flying into the room must prevent fire. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream group bird gathered, there is a joyful. The trillion of this group of small birds should be preempted. Dreambird housing, the main thieves happened; the dreambird is in court, the main committee is litigation; dreambirds gain forest wood, the hateo complained; the dream bird set the wilderness, and the wind prevention. Everything is cautious. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

What is the meaning of the bird?