Dreaming of big crocodiles mean? Dreaming of big crocodile interpretations.

What is the meaning of the big crocodile?

Crocodile is a power representative, so some power is called a crocodile. Dreaming of the big crocodile, suggesting that there is some fear in the deep heart, you can't get rid of this fear, afraid that you will be swallowed by it; it also predicts life or mental suffering.

Dreaming that the big crocodile was passed into the cage, and there would be huge gains on the mall.

Dreaming of big crocodile prey animals, reminding you that you may encounter a competitor attack.

If you clearly see the teeth of the big crocodile in your dream, you hint what a dream is afraid of being castrated.

Dreaming of getting rid of the chasing of the big crocodile, indicating that you can avoid significant dangers, and ultimately will be liberated.

Dreaming that the big crocodile is catching up with friends, may indicate that your friend's personality is somewhat weak, and it cannot be completely reliable.

Dreaming that the big crocodile climbed from the water, indicating that you may leave the original place, open up new life or career.

Unmarried woman dreams that the big crocodile is approaching himself, may indicate that the future husband is weak, and the husband and wife are not harmonious.

Dreaming that the big crocodile is approaching it to himself, may indicate that you will spend a lot of money, treating a disease for your loved ones; or if the business is framed, the loss is lost.

Dreaming of the big crocodile biting himself, indicating that you may be infringed by the enemy, or to abandon with your back, people who have damaged your people, no matter what situation, the opponent is fierce, not luck.

Dreaming on the back of the big crocodile, you may be in trouble, it is not easy to break free from trouble. When this dream is looking for you, you must be careful, don't trust anyone, even friends are no exception.

What is the meaning of what does the big crocodile mean?