Dreaming of An Intruder- Dream Meaning and Symbol

  • It is related to a career.

When you find that the intruder in your dream is your boss or colleague at work, and the relationship between you and them is not very good, it means that you will encounter some unexpected changes in your work. In other words, the interpersonal relationship in the workplace is so bad that the career cannot develop smoothly.

  • Related to property.

This kind of dream symbolism is easy to understand. When the dreamer dreams of a robber or a thief in his dream, his fortune will decline, and he may even encounter bad luck. The sudden appearance of a robber or someone who may pose a threat to one's property in one's dreams can be regarded as a decline in wealth.

In the face of such a dream change, you need to review your current work status, wealth and income, to ensure that your property will not be lost, so that you can obtain wealth that satisfies you in your future life. income.

  • It is related to emotion.

This kind of dream symbolic meaning does not appear frequently, but it can be said to be quite accurate. When you dream of getting along with your lover, you suddenly break into the same sex.

If it is a familiar person, then the dream cannot reflect that your relationship status has changed. On the contrary, when the intruder is indeed the same sex you don’t know, it means that your relationship is in crisis.

What young people dream about intruders represents their yearning for freedom, or they hate the existing lifestyle and are eager to change and yearn for changes. That’s why they dream of unexpected accidents in their dreams, such as intruders. That's it.

A married middle-aged person dreams of an intruder, then it reflects the worry about life changes, worrying about bad changes in his career and love, which will cause him to be unable to maintain the stability of his life.

A businessman dreams of an intruder stating that he has recently encountered a lot of work troubles, and his career development has not only severely declined but also has very bad loopholes. He will likely face a huge work crisis in the future.