Dreaming of a monk. What does it mean to dream of a monk?

What do you mean by dreaming of a monk?

People have more respect for monks. Dreaming of a monk is that you have a relationship with the Buddha. The monks have no desire to selfishness, no evil thoughts, and help others to purify their souls. Dreaming of a high monk Zhao, there will be good luck.

Dreaming of a high monk, he has a bad love for love. In the view of the lover, the dreamer is a little petting and arrogant, and even disagree with the dreamer.

Dreaming of talking to monks, implies that you will encounter uncomfortable things, but you can also take advantage of this opportunity to exercise your endurance.

Dreaming of listening to the monks' preaching, implying that you will develop the avenue of life and make your career success.

Dreaming of the paintings of the monk shows that your life is rich and comfortable.

Dreaming of becoming a monk for a new life means the arrival of a new life.

Dreaming of the monks' chanting is the foresteps of death.

Dreaming that the monk gave me pointers, indicating that the dream -by the dreamer has a good recent interpersonal relationship, and will be successful or wealth through the hands of friends.

The lady dreamed of the monk, indicating that the recent family life is very happy, and the family is harmonious.

Men dreamed that the monks had good interpersonal relationships. Recently, they would meet many friends with similar interests.

The unmarried person dreams of a monk, and recently concealed the biggest obstacle to concealing love. If you can break through the psychological defense line and share the little secrets of each other with your lover, the relationship will go further.

People who do business dream of a monk, which means that it is not smooth, unstable in operation, and less investment.

People in love dream of a monk, indicating that the two sides are too strong and cannot be allowed to give up, so they have to divide it.

The people of this year of life dreamed of the monk, which means that there is no good fortune, the tongue is inevitable, and the old is safe.

People who planned to go out dream of a monk, and suggested that the rain and wind will not go, and then go out.

Pregnant people dream of a monk, indicating that there are men. Spring  Girl. Successful and peaceful.

The person who prepared the exam dreamed of the monk, which meant poor grades and failed to accept.

The patient dreamed of the monk, suggesting that the body would recover soon.

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