Dreaming of a lot of jaundice means? Dreaming a lot of jaundice interpretations.

Dreaming of a lot of auva is what it means

Chinese jaundice symbolizes wealth. Dreaming of jars, indicating that your income and wealth will continue to increase. Dreaming of a lot of jaundice, suggesting that recent development and others are more good, and people who ask for money is more smooth.

Dreaming of many jaundice and big, indicating that the dream of dreams is good, and in advance, a detailed investigation study is very good for your next work plan.

Dreaming of a lot of jars and loach, indicating that you will have a heart in the near future, you will get everyone's support and affirmation, will give you a great help in your career.

Dreaming of catching shackles, indicating that there will be good luck and things in front of you, you can choose your own choice.

Dreaming of caught a lot of jars, the feelings of emotional obstruction, to keep a good attitude. Even if you can't get good results, you should keep a peaceful mentality.

Dreaming of snakes eat jaundice, indicating that their income and wealth will continue to increase, and there will be new improvements in work.

Woman dreams of many jaundice, with strong sexuality, recent peach blossoms, can not be used by others.

The man dreams of many jaundice, indicating that you have a strong desire to be successful, work attitude, take the initiative - some projects have a large work project, let yourself get more success.

The worker dreams that many Huang Qi's fortune is general, avoiding money loss.

The old man dreamed of a lot of jaundice, indicating that the distance is far away, with the same companion, and it is not good.

When the doctor dreams, many jaundice, indicating the test results. Advance is not obvious.

Pregnant women dream of many jars, said that the life of the dream will be rich in life, and will be happy, you will be improved, very good.

Pregnant people dream of a lot of jaundice, predicting giving women, avoiding the soil.

What is going to go out, dreaming of many jaundice, it is recommended to appear in the wind and start.

People who do business have dreamed of many jaundice, representing more than a lot of money, I want to rectify.

The people of this life dream of many jaundice, meaning that it is smooth, cautious, and litigation.

The people who prepare for the exam dream of many jaundice, meaning more, and then more hope next time.

People in love dream of many jaundice, indicating that if they can trust each other, they will become a genus, otherwise it will be separated.

Dreaming of many grand 鳝 's original li dream

Dream fish. Anyone who dreams, the owner has good heart, release the killing, the teachings of the coming, there must be good people, move the good change, the book of Confucius is Ji. If smallPeople, unscrupulous dreams, 恣 恣 腹,, can not curb it.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dreams of squid.Everything is lost, and it is not good.The compliance failed to know, opportunities or until you.It is advisable to ask if he is good, and there is no disaster.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream fish (, kind, tone).The main movement has changed, and the killing is released.Small dreams, the desire of the main line.\"Dream Secretary\"

What is the meaning of a lot of jaundice?