Dreaming of a goose mean? Dreaming a goose interpretation.

Dreaming of a geese means any bazeda

Goose is very popular among people, Taoist thinking goose still has a role of evil. Goose appeared in the dream, it is the meaning of travel and peace.

Dreaming of a goose, said that the recent luck will be very good, if you can care for others, good luck will have been long.

Dreaming of a goose in the flying, may indicate that you will have an expensive trip in the near future.

Dreaming of a goose on the grass at random activities, suggesting that you look forward to achieving significant results in your career.

Dreaming of a group of goose play, said that the wealth in your home is slowly accumulating.

Dreaming of a group of goose is dead, indicating that you will suffer, mood depressed.

Dreaming that someone sent a goose, indicating that you are in the eyes of these two days, and the human condition is quite faint! You often take into account your own interest risk, not to ask other people's help.

The marriage dreams of a goose, indicating that your marriage is still relatively smooth in recent time, but it is stupid.

Pregnant people dream of a goose, this dream shows that your fetus is still very good in recent time, and feels that he grows slowly.

Students dream of a goose, suggesting learning is a process of accumulating a process, must have enough patience to learn to have good results.

Dreaming of looking for a goose, this dream shows that you are still more difficult to meet your own difficulties in your work, it is difficult to find the work of your favorite.

The newcomers of the workplace dreams of a goose, and the work will face greater pressure, not only from the boss, but also from the self.

The people of this year dream of seeing a goose, meaning the family style, the husband and wife separation, the child is not smooth. Multi-line.

People who do business have dreamed of a goose, representing smooth fortune, stationery, publishing, printing, wood industry.

The people in love dream of seeing a goose, stating that the tongue dispute can be resolved and married.

The people who prepare the exam dream of a goose, which means that although there is resistance, it is a wish.

What is going to go out, dreaming of a goose, suggesting to hinders more, extending it again.

Pregnant people dream of seeing a goose, indicating that giving women, do not near the water.

What is the meaning of a geese?