Dreaming of a cousin. What does it mean to dream of a cousin?

What do you mean by dreaming of cousin?

The cousin generally refers to the father of his father's brother, namely his uncle or uncle's man. Dreaming of a cousin indicates that everything will be proceeded smoothly. You should adjust the pace of advancing according to your actual situation and plan.

Dreaming of his cousin, heralding the workplace things will be carried out smoothly, can get the recognition of your boss, and get opportunities for upward development.

Dreaming of the cousin's marriage means doing more things, speaking less, and not more idleness.

Dreaming of fighting with the cousin, implying that the clouds saw the day, mood suddenly opened up.

Dreaming of the cousin died, indicating that his brother would be healthy.

Dreaming of the cousin who dreamed of death implied that the easy -going can bring you good luck. There are opportunities for speaking opportunities.

Men dreamed of cousin, implying that there are many nobles in their careers, and those who cooperate with others smoothly, wealth can be prosperous.

Women dream of cousins, although there are wealth, but they are restless with the opposite sex. Those who have the entanglement with the opposite sex have signs of breaking their wealth.

The elderly dream of cousins, healthy, and get along well with their families. For example, those who walk in the layman can improve their bodies. This is a good sign.

People in love dream of cousins, indicating that women are a little older, as long as they know each other.

The people of this year dream of cousins, which means that there are fewer water by the water, making money to make money by economists and real estate.

People who do business dream of cousins, representing their virtual tables. Thanks to the loss, the industry should be changed.

Pregnant people dream of cousins, indicating that they can have a man, and have a daughter in August. Don't put forward heavy objects.

People who planned to go out dream of cousins, and suggested that they have less outside and postponed the rainy gear.

Dreaming cousin preparing for the exam means that you cannot concentrate on studying and cannot be admitted.

What are the signs of dreaming of a cousin?