Dreaming of 蚯蚓 What does it mean? Dreaming in 蚓 interpretations.

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蚓 里 地 地 地 (开边 地, 广 龙), \"Compendium of Materia Medica\" Through the active, blood circulation, prevent blood circulation, and prevent the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Dreaming of cockroaches, indicating that there may be some bad things around you, and you might be therefore fear of disease or death, you must prepare in advance.

Dreaming of long-standing bodies, indicating that the income will be obtained in real estate.

The people in the building dreams that in the soil, they will congratulations, because this means that the property you hold will appreciate.

Dreaming of cockroaches in the bread, indicating that some of your capital will appreciate, if you can use it properly, you can bring you a lot of interests.

Dreaming in the Tibetan grass, it indicates that there is an accident in your home, it may be worry-free because of this, it takes some cost.

Businessman dreams of cockroaches, indicating that your business is not optimistic, may have internal staff to engage in ghosts, and finally the assets will be divided into several copies, how much money does not earn.

The man dreams of cockroaches, suggesting that your career is not going well, may have encountered a lot of obstacles, can not succeed in the end, still have to look at your ability.

Woman dreams of cockroaches, indicating that you are not smooth in your feelings, you should pay attention to some strangers, otherwise it is easy to wealth.

The patient dreams of cockroaches, your condition is more complicated, it may be difficult to treat, need to be mentally prepared, use a best attitude to face the disease.

The new person in the workplace dreams of cockroaches, hints the pragmatic attitude, and doing things, and hope to achieve good results. However, the lack of humor, easy to make your colleagues awe.

Pregnant women dream of climbing into the grass, reminding you to pay more attention to health, and also add more development of the fetus.

Pregnant women dream of being auspicious dream, mostly indicate that you can give birth to a baby, but also not only beautiful and sensible after the female treasure, will have their own.

Pregnant women dream of in groups, indicating that your life will have more children, and the descendants will grow up after adults, they will also predict your happiness and well-being, will become a rich one. People.

Pregnant women dream of catching crazy, indicating that your husband is equivalent, whether it is a big prize or a medium and grand prize, and there are many opportunities, and it will receive the leadership at the same time.

Pregnant women dream of climbing at home, indicating that your feng shui is very good, is a piece of Geely, clean land. It also predicts that your family is suitable for long-term lives, and it is also beneficial to do business.

Pregnant women dream of a cockroach, indicating that you will have a baby baby, and the baby will have excellent results in the future, it may be an excellent educator.

Pregnant women dream of two cockroaches, this is a beautiful dream, indicating that your recent reputation and fortune are very good, but don't be too arrogant, no matter what you are, no matter what, if you are careful Ok, treat people must be polite, not to have a small person.

What is going to go out, dreaming of cockroaches, suggesting after returning, and it is in the rain.

People who talk about marriage dreams, explain the intensiveness, and the marriage is difficult.

The people who prepare the exam dream of cockroaches, meaning that they are not discouraged, and try to admit.

People with pregnant people dream of cockroaches, indicating that they were destroyed, five years of profit, and adversely resolved.

The people of entrepreneurs have dreamed of cockroaches, representing the foreign edge, the southwest transaction is good, and the financial.

Dreaming of the psychology of the cockroaches

蚓 also represents the body's unclean part, the dream is like the fear of illness and death. Generally speaking, adult male dreams related to the possibility of sexuality.蚓 is equal to the bug, many small insects may symbolize the worm; 蚓 is equal to the judgment, eager to live with breakthrough, one kind of desire. Or you have fell in love with someone or want to fall in love, and I feel that I have to get an opposite sex.

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