Dreaming about your loyal boyfriend cheating on you?

What does it mean to dream about your loyal boyfriend cheating on you?

 Realistic situation

My boyfriend is very good. No matter how unreasonable I am, he never gets angry with me, and he never hits me or scolds me. He never bullies me. We have been dating for 6 years since high school, and we have only been together for the first year. I often lost my temper, but our relationship has been very good since then. And we are both first loves.


The first one was when my boyfriend and I took a long-distance bus to go out for fun. We were sitting together, and I wanted to cuddle up on his shoulder for a while. He suddenly showed an impatient look, so I acted like a baby, but he kept refusing. I snuggled into his shoulder. When we were about to get off the bus at the end, he told me that he didn't want me anymore and that he had a new girlfriend. Then I saw a woman sitting in the row behind us stood up and asked him to get off, and she held his arm. I took a closer look and saw that the woman had fair and tender skin, small eyes, single eyelids, short stature, and short bob hair. Then they got off.

The second dream. There is a waterside surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there is a pavilion on the mountain in the middle. I only remember that he and I discussed some things in the pavilion but failed (I can’t remember the content). Later, I discovered that there was a very steep road going down the mountain dug beside the pavilion. There was a stainless steel round handrail next to it. I planned to go down, but after walking a few steps, I found that there was a height as high as a person. It was nearly 90 degrees vertical and there was no chisel. out of any place where stairs go down. I went up and met my sister. She asked me to go down with her, but I refused, saying that there was a section that was impassable. She smiled and said she had a way, and then she jumped down. When she reached that point, she sat on the armrest and slid down. She smiled and said to me that this was how she went down. I was very worried that she would slip and fall, but my worries were unnecessary, and she just fell down. I was alone on the top and wanted to go down, but I still didn’t dare to go to that section.


1. Seeking stability and stable life through long-term love

Long-distance bus means traveling together for a long time and experiencing many things. Going out means a relaxing and enjoyable experience during a relationship. When you two are together, you want to cling to his shoulder for a while, which means that you are tired from playing and want to be relied on and let him take care of you. His impatience and never letting you lean on his shoulder means that you think he is unwilling to take care of you and pay his responsibilities.

2. Doubt about your boyfriend, lack of confidence in yourself, and have a sense of crisis in your relationship

A woman sitting behind her means there may be a girlIt is during the process of your relationship with him that she is silently waiting for an opportunity to intervene in your relationship behind your back. When he was about to get off the bus, he told himself that he didn't want him anymore, that he had a new girlfriend. The woman stood up and told him to get off, which meant that when he decided that she didn't want him, that was when he made up his mind not to want her. After she found herself, she took the initiative to appear. And she didn't take herself seriously at all. It means that after you have gone through this love process with him, when you reach the point of getting married, you suspect that he may end the relationship with you and get off with other girls to start another love journey of their own. The image of a girl means youth, health, motivation and fashion.

3. Ways out and differences

Surrounded by mountains on three sides means that it is closed on many sides without many exits. It also means that there is only one side with the possibility of exit, and there is no other choice. The waterside symbolizes the affection between men and women. A pavilion in the middle means that this is not a home, it is just a place to play and rest. It means that after falling in love and playing to a certain stage, you stop and think.

If you reason with him but fail, it means that after such a long period of love between you and him, you have also thought and discussed about your future life, but you feel that you have differences with his views and ideas, and you cannot be satisfied. My own needs, thoughts and requirements cannot be accepted and recognized by him, and I am also unable to accept and identify with his thoughts and requirements. There are still problems with each other and no consensus has been reached.

Later, I discovered that there was a very steep road going down the mountain beside the pavilion. Going down the mountain represents leaving the original state and ending the mutual debate. It also means that before the problem is completely solved, we plan to end the relationship and enter the stage of marriage. Let everyone Let's continue with each other's unacceptable things. Steep mountain roads represent difficulty and danger.

What this section means is that after everyone has been in a long-term relationship, for some reason there is still a problem that they cannot reach a consensus, and the only way to develop is to get married. If they get married, there will still be problems with each other. Looking at something that you cannot accept and agree with will only make you afraid. If you continue to develop, this road will make it impossible for you to go on. Make you scared, make you worry.

4. You lose confidence in things that can keep you safe

There is a stainless steel round handrail next to it. I plan to go down. Stainless steel means hardness, which makes people feel safe. It also has a beautiful appearance and contains a certain value. Handrails represent the function of helping and supporting people. The dream reflects that you think there is something worthy of your reliance so that the relationship between the two can continue to develop.

The height of a person is nearly 90 degrees vertical, and there are no steps cut out. This means that there is a steep road that you cannot cross on the development path of the two of you, allowing you to haveThe feeling of falling, but also losing control, makes it difficult to keep going.

I just went up means that you are worried about the risks on the way forward and hope to return to the original state, rather than wanting things to continue to develop.

5. Looking for solutions in my heart

When I met my sister, she asked me to go down with her, but I refused, saying that there was a section that was impassable.

Sister here can be understood as your sub-personality, that is to say, one of your sub-personalities allows you to go down, but your other sub-personalities are not willing.

The impasse means the inability to achieve, to complete, and to continue to move forward.

"Going down" here represents marriage, but "going down" gives people the feeling of "falling", thus reflecting the dreamer's inner view that married life is not noble.

Sit on the armrest and slide down. The armrest here means someone or something that can help you. My sister can slide down easily, which shows that if I were as young as she was and didn't think too much about things, I would be able to No worries about crossing this hurdle.

I was alone on the top and wanted to go down, but I still didn’t dare to go to that section. It means that others can cross, but I am afraid in my heart, so my worries are unnecessary. In other words, if I can overcome my inner fear, I can solve any difficulty and reach my destination smoothly.

But I was still hesitant and fearful in my heart.


This dream reveals that the dreamer and her boyfriend still have thoughts and things that they cannot communicate, agree with, or accept, and they have inner fears and worries about marriage. These fears and worries make the dream The dreamer is afraid of marriage and is unwilling to get married, and the boyfriend in the dream has a third party. In fact, it also expresses the dream’s wish, that is, to let him have a girl, so that he will bear the responsibility of breaking up and be responsible for himself. Fear of marriage.

The dreamer girl must handle the differences between them well and be able to recognize and accept each other, so that the problem can be solved. Otherwise, the existing problems will affect their fear of marriage and thus affect their marriage. quality of life. When these influencing issues are resolved, the quality of future relationships and marital life will be greatly improved.