Dreaming about visiting prison?

What does it mean to dream about visiting prison

I have never committed a crime, and I have never been to jail. But I dreamed that my friend took me around the prison, saying that he wanted to see another acquaintance who was imprisoned in this prison. I was in a dilemma and had to follow him into the prison. (Male, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: The prison in the dream represents depression and problems. The appearance of a prison in your dream indicates that you are suppressing your desires too much. If you dream of being imprisoned, it means that you want to live a carefree and free life. This dream indicates that you will be freed from depression and become your own master. If you dream about someone else being imprisoned, it means that you are currently encountering a difficult problem that puts you in a dilemma.

If you dream about a shelter, it is a symbol of friends asking for help or being anxious and worried.

Dreaming about a dungeon is a symbol of troubles and difficulties.

Dreaming about escaping from prison is a symbol of difficulties and emotions, indicating that the things that bother you will disappear.