Dreaming about the abdomen? Dream Interpretation by Duke of Zhou What does it mean to dream about the abdomen? Is the abdomen good in dreams?

What does dreaming about belly mean? Dreaming about the abdomen is good? Dreaming about the abdomen has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the abdomen dreaming organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming about the belly may indicate good things and life is precious; it may also remind the dreamer to be careful of the villains around him.

To dream of a swollen stomach indicates that you will get rich and live a prosperous life.

A married woman dreams of a swollen stomach, implying that she is pregnant and will have a baby.

An unmarried woman dreams of a swollen belly, indicating that she may marry into a wealthy family.

The widow dreams of a swollen stomach, which is not good, indicating that there will be disasters, danger, or reputation safety is threatened.

Dreaming that your abdomen is exposed, reminds you that someone around you may be unfaithful to you, be careful of being betrayed.

Dreaming of having an operation in the abdomen indicates that you will be lucky in the near future.

Dreaming of abdominal pain is also a sign of wealth, implying that you will have unexpected income, or you will succeed and be praised by people.

The original Zhou Gong interprets dreams

The dream was cut open, good luck. If you meet a confidant, this dream is an auspicious sign. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The dream washes the stomach. This dream is not conducive to Shichuan, and it is even more likely to cause fire and water disasters. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The dream belly hangs down, auspicious, and enjoys the image of happiness and wealth. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

I saw two lambs in my dream belly. Only the monks dreamed that the Lord would attain the Tao, and he was trusted by others. It is ominous for other people to dream. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dreaming of hair growing on the abdomen is fierce, and the main disease is severe to death. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

There is grass in the belly of the dream, Kat. A scholar dreams of this will become a nobleman, and a businessman's dream of traveling far is fierce. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

There are stars and constellations in the belly of the dream. The master is full of articles, educates beautiful women, and produces virtuous children. Dreams without brilliance are like sores and scars. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dream sword stabs people in the stomach, good luck. This dream is full of loyalty and righteousness, good luck. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dreaming of caesarean section to see that the internal organs are distinct, good luck. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dream water enters the belly, fierce. The Lord lives in the mountains, rivers and seas, and the dreams of pregnant women are particularly ominous. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dreaming that the lower abdomen is larger than the waist and abdomen, good luck, and the master's heir Guangfu. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The lower abdomen of the dream is immersed in water, Kat. The Lord obtained wealth unintentionally, and married a wife to obtain a wife's wealth. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Dreaming of opening acupuncture points in the lower abdomen is inauspicious. Dreaming of this will be deceived by others. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

The dreamer hugs his heart, Kat. To be favored by the king for a minister, to be a good assistant for a king, to be loved by a husband for a concubine, to be loved by a concubineA guest gets help, a sick doctor gets a genius doctor, and a beginner gets a master. "Dream Lin Xuan Jie"

Psychological dream interpretation:

Dream interpretation: If you see or perceive someone's belly in your dream, it means that you have begun to pay attention to the person's feelings.

Psychological analysis: If you feel your belly bloating, it means that you need to find an opportunity to vent your anger or hope to have an open conversation. A swollen belly means full of words, or full of resentment.

Spiritual symbol: The belly is almost in the center of the human body, so it is also the center of life.

A case study of dreaming about the abdomen

I dreamed that my abdomen hurt so much, as if I had eaten something bad, I was squatting on the ground and had no strength to stand up. What's going on, can't it be a health problem?

Dream analysis: Dreaming of abdominal pain means that the dreamer has achieved success because of his health and energy, and has been praised by people; therefore, the dreamer does not need to worry.