Dreaming about someone else dying? What does it mean to dream about someone else dying? Is it good to dream about someone else dying?

What does it mean to dream about someone else being dead? Is it okay to dream about someone else dying? Dreaming about someone else's death has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about someone else's death compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

When dreaming about someone else dying, generally speaking, it means that your subconscious wants him (or her) to die. In reality, you are unwilling or afraid to reveal your true thoughts due to moral reasons. In dreams, subconscious morality The valve is opened, and the funny hidden in the heart jumps out.

If someone else dies (the other person is your relative or friend), there is no need to worry. This is just a reflection of your worries in the dream. Maybe he is in a difficult situation now, or his recent thoughts are incompatible with you. Or maybe he lacks some care and consideration for you. In short, the feeling he has given you recently is very unsatisfactory. Such dreams represent "new life". In your subconscious, you hope that he can live a better life and care more and help you more.

If you dreamed that someone else died (the other person is your colleague, neighbor or other person with a normal relationship), then the person you dreamed about dying may be superior to you in some aspect. This is just subconscious "jealousy" The manifestation of psychology in dreams. At this time, you must face your own negative psychology and emotions. As long as you are willing to do it and strengthen your confidence, only by working hard can you surpass others.

Dreaming about others dying and coming back to life represents your "ambivalence" and "hesitation". Some things that happen in reality make you have a criminal mentality in your subconscious mind, but your subconscious sense of justice tells you not to do that. In the dream, this kind of negative emotion is properly vented. It is advisable to cultivate your moral character and do good deeds in peacetime.

Dreaming that someone else is about to die is most likely a manifestation of your "jealousy" mentality in the dream. The person who is about to die in the dream may be better than you in some aspect; if the person in the dream is in reality You care about him very much, which represents your own mentality of "hating iron but not steel".

Dreaming about someone jumping off a building and dying. "Jumping off a building" is a top-down behavior. In the dream, it represents the mentality of "giving up". In reality, are your goals set too high, or are you doing something impossible? When your ideals exceed reality, giving up is not necessarily a bad thing. Such a dream also represents "new life". You can correctly measure your abilities and do things within your abilities in a down-to-earth manner.

Dreaming about other people’s childrenDead, the "child" in the dream represents important things, which means that the dreamer or the "others" in the dream have lost or will lose something important to them, such as bankruptcy, lovelorn, family misfortune, etc.; In addition, because someone else's child died, it also represents the dreamer's "schadenfreude" mentality. Your subconscious may be happy to see "others" misfortune and make a fool of themselves. This kind of emotion is not good, but fortunately it is just a moment. Just a dream.

Dreaming about someone else dying in a car accident. The "car accident" that appears in the dream generally represents the dreamer's "stress" and other negative emotions. Perhaps the dreamer is currently encountering very big difficulties, and the "death" in the dream is also It represents rebirth. If you can overcome difficulties, success is expected. In addition, dreaming about someone else dying in a car accident also represents the dreamer's concern about the current situation of relatives and friends. The difficulties they encountered in some aspects make you excessively worried, which is why you will have a "car accident" dream.

It is normal psychology for pregnant women to dream of others dying, because "death" is the beginning of "rebirth". In addition, pregnant women have greater mood swings, which may be due to the effect of hormones in the body. Under the psychological effect of this "emotional uncertainty", it is easy to have all kinds of strange dreams.