Dreaming about snakes?

 Question: What does it mean to dream aboutsnakebeing entangled?

I am 27 years old, female, and unmarried.

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking on my way home every day. When I was almost home, there suddenly appeared a snake. It was very long, about 2 meters long. It had black patterns on its back and sulfur patterns on its belly. I I secretly thought that it was a giant eel? Then I went home and told my grandma. My grandma said that you can’t tell the difference between a giant eel and a snake. Can’t you just see if it’s a yellow eel? So my grandma and I went together. When grandma saw it, she thought it was a giant eel, so she took it home and put it in a big plastic basin under the Eight Immortals table. The Eight Immortals table was placed against the east wall, and the whole room was very dark. (The furnishings in my home are not like that)

Then for some reason I discussed with my grandma again whether it was a snake or an eel. It was lazy at first, and I didn’t know whether it was grandma or me who grabbed the snake’s tail and lifted it out of the basin. Then it became scary. Then something happened (it was definitely a snake at this time). The snake wrapped itself around me all of a sudden, getting tighter and tighter. Grandma and another person (I don’t know who it is but I seem to know him) were pulling hard on both sides, just pulling. If it didn't fall off, I asked him to cut off its head with a knife. At this moment, a man came (I don't know who he was. It seemed to be my cousin at first, but it soon became unclear again. ), I suddenly grabbed the snake head and tail with both hands, and pulled hard on both ends. The snake broke into several sections, and I woke up.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com)Dream Interpretation:

On the way home every day, it is reflected in your own daily life

The snake symbolizes new problems that may arise, which may be troubles caused by the different in nature

You can’t tell the difference between a snake and an eel. The elders say it’s an eel, but you think it looks like a snake

This represents the elders’ point of view, which means that the things you encounter are not dangerous and you can try to accept them

Later, the snake entangles you, which means that you are emotionally troubled and entangled with you

When a man helps you, it means you need a stronger man to help you

Dreams also express the hope that the opinions of elders in life may not be correct, and the funny for someone of the different in nature to help you solve your troubles

Original Snake:

Dreaming about dragons and snakes entering the stove and officials arriving;

Dreaming about snakes transforming into dragons and helping noble people;

Dreaming about a woman seeing a dragon giving birth to a son;

Dreaming about dragons and snakes killing people is a serious crime;

DreamingIf you see a snake biting someone, you will get a lot of money;

Dreaming about a snake entering my arms and giving birth to a baby;

Dreaming about snakes walking in the water, the Lord is moving;

Dreaming about a snake following someone to his wife’s heart;

Dreaming about a snake entering the valley;

Dreaming about snakes around you will give birth to a son;

If you dream of many snakes, you will be in charge of the underworld;

Dreaming about red and black snakes indicates good luck;

Dreaming about snake yellow and white indicates that the owner has official affairs;

Dreaming about birds walking and snakes coming to recommend you.

Dreaming about snakes:

Dreaming that a snake is clinging to oneself, causing one to be frightened and unable to escape, means that the dreamer will see someone betraying oneself, which even oneself cannot believe;

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake is a good sign for good luck, but dreaming about being bitten by a snake in the water indicates that the bitten part may be a potential area for disease;

Dreaming about a snake biting you indicates good luck and a prosperous life;

Dreaming about a snake biting your wife is an ominous sign, and you will encounter sorrow and misfortune;

Dreaming about the enemy being bitten by a snake, the enemy will kill each other, and both sides will suffer in the end;

For a married woman to dream of a snake and hold it in her arms, it is a sign of having a baby;

Dreaming about being chased by a snake indicates a health warning.

The following is the psychological explanation of dreaming about snakes:

Dreaming about snakes. Dreams about snakes are a symbol of someone's betrayal or disease in some part of the dreamer's body. The appearance of a snake in a dream is an ominous omen. The snake indicates that many difficulties, obstacles and treacherous acts will follow.