Dreaming about secretly checking the QQ of the person you love?

Master, I have liked someone for a long time. Yesterday, I dreamed that I secretly went to QQ alone to find out if there were any secrets in his QQ. I looked through his friends but didn’t find myself. Finally, I found his blog address. I quickly opened it and looked... but I didn’t see anything. I once dreamed that when I was chatting with him on QQ, he said that he loved me very much, which was very painful. I woke up

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Secretly visiting his QQ means that in your heart, you hope to have a deeper understanding of this person. Look through his friends to find yourself, which means that you I hope to know what you are like in his heart, or what his feelings and evaluation of you are. The result of not finding yourself means that in reality, you feel that you are not able to understand deeply smoothly. He didn't know where he was in his heart, so he quickly opened his blog. It showed that you were eager to understand him deeply. If you didn't see anything, it also meant that you felt that you were not yet able to be like yourself. Expect to know his heart as well. He said he loves you very much and it hurts. This can be understood from two aspects. On the one hand, it is expressing your expectations. You hope he will say this to you in reality. On the other hand, it is projection, which transfers your inner feelings. Some voices are expressed through him, that is, in your heart, you have a good impression of him.