Dreaming about punishment? What does it mean to dream about punishment? Is it good to dream about punishment?

What does it mean to dream about punishment? Dreaming about punishment. Is punishment good? Dreaming about punishments and punishments has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about punishments and punishments compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

If you dream of accepting punishment or punishment, you will lose friends and supporters.

A woman dreams of being punished and will quarrel with her husband.

A man dreams of his wife being punished indicates that she will inherit the underground treasures of her parents-in-law.

Dreaming about being exempted from punishment indicates that disaster will come.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming about punishment is a sign that things will turn around.

Psychological analysis: If a married man dreams of being punished, he will gain both fame and fortune. If a woman dreams of being punished, she may have to quarrel with her husband. Dreaming that your enemy has been severely punished means that you can surrender the enemy. The accused person dreams that he is being punished, and the court will drop the charges against him. Dreaming that your case is serious but not severely punished indicates that you will be loved by people. I dreamed that my case was relatively minor, but I was severely sentenced, and I would have good luck in officialdom. Dreaming that you are sentenced to hanging, all difficulties will pass. If a man dreams that his wife is punished, she will inherit the property of his parents-in-law. A woman dreams that her husband is being punished and will give birth to a girl. Dreaming about a friend being sentenced indicates that he may be in great danger. Dreaming about punishing your wife means that your husband and wife will live happily and respect each other as guests. Dreaming about punishing relatives and friends may indicate that there will be a quarrel at home. Dreaming about a judge pronouncing a sentence on a criminal indicates that you will get a promotion and a salary increase. Dreaming about punishing lower-level officials may cause losses due to conspiracy. Dreaming about being punished indicates that you may lose friends and supporters. If a prisoner dreams of not being punished, the period of detention may be extended.

Case analysis of dream punishment

Dream description: There was a businessman who did a lot of business. He dreamed that his dead father was guilty of bribery, and then he was very anxious when he could not find his father. After a difficult search, he found his father, hugged him and cried. Then take him back to surrender. My father was sentenced to 65 years, and the businessman kept comforting him.

Dream analysis: Punishment is to pay for mistakes and correct deviations. In dreams, it means taking the right path, harmony and happiness. Dreaming about being punished may mean that you have to reflect on whether you have done something that has hurt others, or you have done something that you are not sure is right, and you must find a way to remedy it. This dream has little to do with the father, but it indicates that the businessman will change his ways and change some of his past practices, so that he can succeed in everything and realize his dreams.