Dreaming about pretending to be dead? What does it mean to dream about pretending to be dead? Is it good to dream about pretending to be dead?

What does it mean to dream about pretending to be dead? Is it okay to dream about pretending to be dead? Dreaming about pretending to be dead has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about pretending to be dead compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

If a single person dreams that he is pretending to be dead, it indicates his recent love fortune: he will be very lucky and have dramatic effects. Creativity plays a special role in increasing the intimacy between lovers.

Investors dream of pretending to be dead: in terms of money: wealth will increase, there will be many opportunities to make extra money, and expenditures will be larger. Foreign-related industries or investment projects that can show results in the short term will have more profit opportunities.

Dreaming about being chased and choosing to escape. Zhou Gong’s interpretation of the dream indicates that the dreamer is under great pressure in reality and still has not figured out the clues to solve the problem. He is often at a loss and is quite entangled in his heart. He does not dare to Facing the reality, I don’t even think about how to solve the problem. I have a passive escape mentality, just blindly escaping from reality. In this way, I will be hunted until the problem is solved;

Choosing to fight bravely implies that the dreamer has chosen to face the pressure of reality and face any difficult problems that arise, and dare to face them. He may have found a solution and is actively trying, hoping to solve it as soon as possible. ;

Choosing to pretend dead or hide in the hope of avoiding the sight of wild beasts or bad guys indicates that the dreamer is temporarily helpless about the current situation and can only choose to ignore it, symbolizing the dreamer's daily life. People often use self-deception and turn a blind eye to release some instinctive impulses and pressure, that is, adding some reasonable disguises to the instinctive impulses, and usually find various excuses so that they do not feel anxious, so that over time their understanding of the environment will Being distorted, in fact, he is just living with half-closed eyes and muddle along, implying that the dreamer's character is generally weak;