Dreaming about pregnancy and miscarriage?

Question: What does it mean to dream about pregnancy and miscarriage?

I dreamed that a good friend of mine was pregnant. She was pregnant with one first, and then another in the second month. I told her that it was just right to give birth to twins, but she said no, she would have a miscarriage. But I wanted to keep one, but in the end I had a miscarriage.

It felt a little real at first, but then it seemed like it was none of my business

After this dream was over, I had another dream. I raced with someone and won the race. Then I drove home, but I didn’t seem to know how to drive. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the accelerator and the brake. The road was erratic, and I was scared to death. I ran to the hotel with a few people I didn't know, and then went downstairs. After walking for a long time, I reached the first floor. There are two doors. One of them is the morgue. , one is the exit, I chose the right exit.

1: I am 24 years old, married and have a son

2: I’m not very happy at work recently.

3: There are many gifts to be given next month.

4: This friend is out of town, married, and has a son. But we haven’t been in touch for a while

But it doesn’t have much impact on life, so I feel it doesn’t matter in the dream

Another dream is a sense of control

If you win the game but can’t drive well when you go home, it means that you are doing well at work, but you are not doing well in other aspects, and your emotions are unbalanced and have high ups and downs

Hotel, upstairs and downstairs, morgue and exit. The morgue represents being content with the status quo and living a rigid life

Exporting means wanting new outlets and opportunities.