Dreaming about picking up money?

Dreaming about money Sometimes money represents oneself.

For example, someone who is in financial difficulty dreamed of picking up a lot of money and was extremely happy. Unfortunately, when I woke up, the money in my dream was gone. He sighed: "It would be great if I had deposited the money in the dream bank. Then I could at least spend it the next time I dream - even though I am poor when I am awake, I can still be a rich man when I am asleep."

Another example is if someone dreams that he has lost his wallet. When he goes to look at it the next morning, he finds that the wallet is still well placed in his handbag. But the tote is open. So she quickly repaired the handbag. This dream is the "primitive person in us" who discovered that her wallet was open and used the dream to remind her to prevent losing money.

Money can also express value. A girl dreamed that there was a shiny coin on the ground. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a mouthful of phlegm. It means that she initially thought that someone or something had some value, but later found that this person or thing was not only worthless, but also disgusting.

A dream example from psychologist Ann Faraday is very illustrative. The dreamer was a young woman who had just left her husband. She felt lonely and worried, so many husbands kept dreaming of falling from the boat into the water. (Her husband is her boat) Then one day, she dreamed that she was on the boat again, but she was not alone but a large group of people. They fell into the water from the bow of the boat. She also fell into the water, but she did not wake up with a fright, but a dream. Seeing him standing firmly on the shore, he happily picked up the silver market. When she woke up, she no longer worried.

The meaning of this dream is that she later plunged into danger (represented by water) but did not drown and discovered new valuable things. The silver coin symbolizes her gain, the independence she has gained. Dreaming about picking up money. After picking up money in the dream, the dreamer will be very happy. But there are different ways to treat this kind of windfall. Some people accept it, and some people hand it over to the police. Which kind of person is better? Accept it. Those who handed it over to the police, don't praise yourself, don't say you were so noble in your dreams. Because people who pick up money and hand it over to the public in their dreams often reflect a lack of self-confidence and an attitude that good things will not happen to them. Next time you dream of picking up money, you must work hard to accept it. When you can dream of picking up money and accepting it, it means that your self-confidence has improved. Or, work harder to improve your self-confidence during the day after waking up. When you dream about picking up money again and you accept it, it means that you have gained self-confidence. It should be noted that "picking up gold but not knowing" in dreams and "picking up gold but not knowing" in life are two completely different meanings, because money in dreams often represents something valuable, not necessarily material, but probably spiritual. Up.