Dreaming about officials? What does it mean to dream about officials? Is it good to dream about officials?

What does it mean to dream about an official title? Is it good to dream about officials? Dreaming about being an official has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please read the detailed explanation of dreaming about being an official compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming about being newly awarded an official title indicates that the dreamer yearns for an official title. It means that the dreamer has the ability. If he doesn’t have the ability, he would not dare to imagine such things. Furthermore, the dreamer has a dream, and as long as he is determined, he will definitely achieve something. If the dreamer has confidence and perseverance, but still cannot achieve his goal, as long as the dreamer does not give up, the dreamer will also educate his children well and let them realize their ideals.

Dreaming that you are an official means that you will be promoted and occupy a high position.

Dreaming about officials symbolizes that you will get the opportunity to be promoted or valued. At the same time, the image of officials also represents suppressed emotions, reflecting the suppressed creativity in the heart.

Dreaming about an official whose "face" you cannot see clearly implies that you are emotionally indifferent, or that life makes you feel indifferent, and even friends and family cannot make you feel cordial and warm.

Original Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams

The dream is called the official title. The dreamer said that he is an official, or that he who gets an official will be very lucky, and a noble person will arrive. Whenever a person calls a certain official in a dream, a person reports a certain official, or a god or ghost calls him a reward, it all depends on the official position he is called, or he is asked about his title or salary, or he is asked about his job in the underworld. The omens are different in each case. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

The dream conferred an official title. Dreaming about those who are given by God is the reward of virtue; dreaming about those who are given by God is a sign of blessing. Either give it to someone else, or give it to his descendants, each has its own unique response. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

Mengpai Shuguanjue. The person in the dream details his name, and the name has a mysterious response; details his official position, and the official name has different meanings. It is better to predict the fortune, but it is better to measure the circle. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

Newly awarded an official title, the master’s noble son. "The Interpretation of Dreams by Duke Zhou"

Mengjue, Ji. This dream indicates that the owner will ascend to the throne and receive a fortune. Dreaming about holding a title and drinking it yourself is ominous. Dreaming of presenting a noble title indicates that you have the authority to respect your elders. If a person confer a title in a dream, the Lord will win an official position; if a person confer a title in a dream, the Lord will win the hearts of the people. Those who fall in love with Mengjue will be lucky if they practice virtue on their own initiative. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"