Dreaming about mother, mother? Dream Interpretation What does dreaming about mother mean? Dreaming about mother, okay?

What does dreaming about mother, mother mean? I dreamed about my mother, how is my mother? Dreaming about a mother has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about a mother organized by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

The image of the mother is entrusted with emotional colors such as life, care, attachment, and return. The mother in the dream is a symbol of encountering difficulties in life and needing understanding and support. Compared with the father symbolizing authority and social order, the mother also symbolizes morality. Dreaming about your mother may mean that you are questioning your inner moral consciousness. According to Freud's point of view, dreaming of a mother also symbolizes the subconscious Oedipus complex.

Mother is the source of one's own life, which symbolizes one's life span and health status. The degree of intimacy with your mother in the dream alludes to your recent living conditions. For example, dreaming that your mother is holding you in her arms means that you have received help from your family. Maybe the difficulties you face and the pain you endure will pass, and everything will change for the better. Conversely, if you are blamed by your mother, it means that you will have conflicts with others recently, so it is necessary to pay attention to your words and deeds to prevent disasters from happening.

Dreaming of a loving mother indicates that certain diseases will appear in the body.

Adults or young people dream of their mothers, indicating that they are full of energy for work and study, smooth and satisfied, and live a happy life.

Dreaming about your dead mother indicates that you will live a long life, or your current state may not adapt to the surrounding environment. Be careful of being led astray by bad people or forming bad habits.

To dream of your mother's death indicates that you will be praised and blessed by your mother.

To hear your mother calling you in a dream indicates that you are foolish and irresponsible, and that your pursuit of career is not the right path.

To dream of your mother becoming a bride, wearing a wedding dress or holding a wedding ceremony is a warning that your mother is in great danger and may be seriously ill or die.

The elderly dream of a deceased mother, which is a manifestation of physical decline. It means that the childish psychological defense mechanism in the dreamer's daily life is degrading. .

A married man dreams of a woman walking with his mother, implying that he may be expecting an extramarital affair.

A married woman dreams of a man walking with her mother, implying that she may suspect her husband of cheating.

If you feel that you have become a child with your mother in your dream, it means that something very lucky will come.

To dream of being loved and taken care of by your mother indicates that you will make progress in love.

feel in the dreamThe mother is emotionally disturbed and looks worried, which is a warning in advance that you are facing danger and may have an unpredictable future.

Dreaming that your mother is crying is not necessarily a bad thing, it may indicate that you will become independent and fall in love.

To dream of your mother holding you in your arms indicates that the pain will pass, you will get out of the predicament, your family will be happy, and your life will be peaceful.

Dreaming that the bus or train is moving, and the mother waved her hand to ask herself to come down, which is a warning to stop the current work or plan, and the future is very dangerous.

Dreaming about your mother chasing you with a scary face, or choking you, it means that you have a great sense of guilt towards your mother. Blame, emotional torment, confession if possible, or proactive atonement.

To dream of your mother throwing a tantrum at you or scolding you indicates that you may encounter mistakes, so you should act with caution, pay attention to your health, and be on guard against accidents.

To dream of your mother beating you, you should pay attention to controlling your emotions and avoid impulsiveness in the near future, which indicates that you may conflict with others impulsively because of bad mood, hurt others or cause losses.

If you dream of waking up after falling asleep, and see your mother standing by the bed, watching you with concern, it means that your mother may encounter an accident, or you are facing danger yourself.

Dreaming that you have become a baby and your mother is breastfeeding you, if you feel happy in the dream, it means that you will get a good helper in reality; but if you feel very happy in the dream, it means that you will suffer setbacks or get sick .

Dreaming that you become a child and act like a baby to your mother also implies that you will be in trouble.

To dream of your mother getting sick or dying indicates that your family property will be tilted, and your career and status will encounter difficulties.

The original Zhou Gong interprets dreams

My mother passed away, Lord Xiaoji. "Duke Zhou Interprets Dreams"

Mother, Lord Shouyan. "Duke Zhou Interprets Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream analysis: The appearance of a mother in a dream symbolizes a woman who is raised and protected.

Psychoanalysis: The relationship between a child and his mother plays an extremely important central role in its development, and this is also the first relationship a child develops. The child's feeling about this relationship is nurturing and caring. If something goes wrong here, it can lead to fear and doubt. Another consequence of this reappears in the life of a man who repeatedly seeks relationships with his older women, or denies his funny to seek relationships. A woman also uses her relationship with her mother to color every other relationship in her life. She may feel a role to play in caring for a man in dire need, or to develop relationships with many men and women without harming their interests. Developing relationship with mother in dreamOpportunities abound, and those who engage in the elaboration of such dreams will make great progress in their own development.

A case study of dreaming about my mother

【Dream Example 1】

In the dream my dead mother was trying to kill me. There was a young boy with me. I told him we'd hide in warehouses and trucks so she wouldn't be able to find us. Then, I saw a big-eyed woman and others waving their hands at us, saying it's safe now. But I can't believe it. And then woke up. (Female, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: In the dream, the dead mother wants to kill you, which most likely means that some aspects of you have died with her. The big-eyed woman may indicate the wisdom of the gods or the presence of wise messages. From your dream, you don't see any reason to be afraid of this big-eyed woman. The notion that she wants to hurt you may be disguised as other emotions, such as betrayal or anger.

【Dream Example 2】

On the way home in my dream, I met my younger brother. He was extremely thin. When I asked him why he didn’t come home, he said that his mother no longer wanted him as a child. He hadn’t eaten for a long time. At that moment, my heart ached. have to die. (male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: "going home" symbolizes the reaction of your inner world after a round of struggle. The "brother" here represents yourself. What happened to your younger brother is also your psychological feeling, that is, the lack of love, so you will "heartache". After independence, especially after suffering setbacks, it is natural to comfort the soul with the need for love. The key is to try to communicate love from new environments and new partners. Finding love from your mother is only one way. The reason why mother is "out of control" is because you are already a self-reliant adult.