Dreaming about Jade Guanyin related to your boyfriend?

Hello Master, I recently had two dreams about my boyfriend, which were very strange.

The details of the first dream were that I bought him a Jade Guanyin and left it with my aunt at a newsstand for him to pick up. But he didn’t take it away and said he didn’t want it. He wanted to break up with me and never want it again. See me, I'm sad, I'm sad when I wake up. In reality, I did buy him a Jade Guanyin and put it in his friend's shop for him to pick up. Because I was going somewhere else the next day and couldn't see him before leaving, so I left it there for him. Later he went to get it.

The second dream was that he sent me a text message telling me that he had arranged his work affairs, but he was going to break up with me and marry that woman. His tone was very gentle and his attitude was very polite. It seemed like it was still raining. I didn’t see him in this dream, I just sent him text messages.

In reality, we have been dating for six or seven years, and our relationship is very good. However, his father's death some time ago disrupted our relationship. So this period of time has been very confusing and worrying.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Jade Guanyin can be understood here as a complex, a sign, marking your feelings for him. Jade is green, and green means possession. To put it all together, it can be seen that you want him to make a symbolic affirmation of your possessive feelings. Newsstand means to make it public, that is to say, you want to make your feelings for him public as much as possible. Possession can be understood as you hope that you can get a guarantee that you can always be with him, but in the dream he doesn't want it and wants to break up with you, which is expressing your feelings and feeling that you lack this feeling of protection in your heart. , just like he may break up with you at any time. In general, it reflects your need for protection and your worry when you are not protected.

The work matters have been arranged. Here, it expresses that all the things that affect the development of your relationship have been resolved, and the two of you can be together without worries. However, this is not the case in reality, so there is some frustration in your heart. Feeling is also worried, as if he wants to break up with you. It's still raining, which expresses your gloomy mood when you think about things in this regard. In addition, the communication in the two dreams was through text messages, which reflects to a certain extent the distance between you and him. The two people did not communicate face to face, but indirectly. This may be related to the fact that you and he are currently living in different places.