Dreaming about illegal trading? What does it mean to dream about illegal trading? Is it good to dream about illegal trading?

What does it mean to dream about illegal transactions? Is it good to dream about illegal transactions? Dreams about illegal transactions have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams about illegal transactions compiled by www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com below.

Dreaming about someone engaging in non-trading, black market trading, or prohibited items usually means that you are a cautious, serious, and steady person.

Dreaming that you are involved in illegal transactions implies that you have been somewhat undecided about the business in front of you recently. Your subconscious may feel that there is danger in this business, and you are very worried about making the wrong decision and causing heavy losses to yourself.

Dreaming about finding others engaged in transactions indicates that you are a rigorous and serious person, and you are strict with yourself and others, and may cause friction with others.

Dreaming that you are curiously watching others doing illegal transactions implies that you like to be competitive, even take risks, and are very aggressive in life and work.

Original Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams

Dream transaction. Dreaming about trading with others indicates that illness is coming. Detailed information about what is being traded and what is being bought and sold. Those who sell bad things will be blessed, those who sell good things will be misfortune, and those who are buying good things will be blessed. Follow things and account for them according to their categories. It is also advisable to be specific about whom to trade with, whether to survive or to perish. Those who perish will be in trouble, while those who survive will have no disaster. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

Dreaming of trading in the market is auspicious. The main family is rich. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

When trading with others, the owner will be ill. "The Interpretation of Dreams by Duke Zhou"

Case analysis of dreaming about drowning

Dream description: In the real business world, I will never engage in illegal transactions, but once I dreamed that I engaged in illegal cigarette transactions. I have been undecided, but I couldn't stand my friends' persuasion. But I was still shocked when I was doing the transaction. (Male, 29 years old)

Dream interpretation: The illegal transaction in the dream reminds you to act with caution. Dreaming about illegal transactions indicates that you are hesitant about your current business activities and are afraid that wrong decisions will cause you irreparable losses. This dream is a reminder that you should re-examine what you are doing and consider it carefully before taking action.